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Will my boyfriend go to jail?
My bf got a dui a year ago. He didn't complete any of his diversion requirements due to not being in a place financially at the time. He also got a driving while suspended in a different county shortly after this. He has court on Monday. What will happen?
Nobody can tell what will happen now, except that he will probably be prosecuted for driving while suspended in the...
Is it safe to let Dept. of Licensing know of a pending charge when requesting an HTO early reinstatement?
When denied a hearing they state they would "review Documents" but doesn't specifically say type of documents to review. Also, if chemical dependency was the underlying reason for continued driving behaviors (after 10 years), is it telling you there might be a chance for reinstatement provided there is no evidence of convictions in a period of 2 years?
Really, you should get a lawyer to review this situation with you. You don't want to make a mistake here.
I got a DUI in Oregon but I live in Washington. If I haven't drove since my arrest do I still have to get an interlock device?
I'm on diversion and want to comply but don't have the money for the interlock device
I believe so. A condition of your diversion for Oregon is to have an ignition interlock device installed in your...
My boyfriend was arrested for DUI and RECKLESS ENDANGERING, my 5 year son and i were in the car.
He has had two court dates and now another one in a week and no one has been able to tell me what he may be looking at. and yes he does have a recored at least 2 other dui's. and he can have a job right now if he coudl just get out of jail... Can any one help me and give me any info about this?
Without knowing more details, there's really no way to answer your question. Your boyfriend needs to talk to a lawyer...
How can they suspend a license in california for a DUI in oregon?
had a DUI in california 1.5 years prior to a DUI in oregon and even though I was not living in California they suspended my license in that state. I paid the money and did all they classes in Oregon to clear everything but California still has a hold on my license
Were you still on probation for your California DUII when you were charged in Oregon?
Does Wyoming , Nevada, or Arizona have Duii resiprocity with Oregon, Washington (where my drivers lic is), or Utah?
I am wanting to either move to Wyoming, Nevada, or Arizona....but I have a lingering DUII from UT (that I have completed) from March, then a sleeping in car with keys in ignition (for heater) while intoxicated,,,,ticketed with a DUII.
The simple answer to your question is that DUI records ARE available nationally to most law enforcement agencies simply...
I am 17 years old an got a minor dui in the state of washington. an i havnt been given a court date yet? sixth amendment?
I blew a .077 and when i called the court office a few days later they had no record of it happening. its been almost a week and i still havnt received any notice of my court date? What should i expect?
It is likely that you will not receive a summons calling you into court for about 60-90 days. In Washington, a DUI is...