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Will my employer be notified of my DUI?
I was charged with a DUI last week (charges have not been filed.) will my employer be notified? I fingerprinted with them years ago and was wondering if they would get a result, since we get results for clients regularly. Would this also apply to employees?
It depends on who your employer is and how regularly they check your background. The courts and law enforcement don't...
Will a Senator or Congress-person be able to help with the private bill for the green card for an individual with a DUI?
I am thinking of applying for a green card through the private bill. I was in college, due to my careless attitude, I got two duis. Both the duis were in 2013. I was put on probation for a misdemeanor conviction. I did everything the court told me to do And successfully completed my probation. Since it's not a felony nor a crime involving moral turpitude. Will this misdemeanor conviction prevent me from being helped the Congress- Person or senator?
Moving question to immigration category for answers.
I got arrested for a dui, will my job be notified via a subsequent arrest notification ?
I had to fingerprint for my job 5 years ago, I got arrested last week for a DUI, will a subsequent arrest notification be sent to my employer?
The information you have provided with your question is insufficient to provide a meaningful answer. I suppose it...
Hi I had 3 dui in california, two dropped off and the 3rd one was 5 years ago. can I get license out of state.
If I reside out of California can I have sac Dmv mandatory actions send me termination of actions form if I plan on not returning to California. 3 years or more, can I get my license in another state.
It depends on the laws and DMV polices on that other state.
License Suspended 7 years ago due to a DUI, all the fees and classes are done. Didn't need a car until now, what to do?
I got a DUI in 2010 in CA and lost my license. I've finished all the payments and class requirements by 2012. I lived in a big city so a car was not necessary, but things have changed. I'd like to get my license back, but I don't have a car or insurance yet. Can I get a car without a license? Can I get a license without a car or insurance?
Yes, you can get a license without a car or insurance. If you are going to get a car you should have a license so you...
First DUI.... I'm not going to fight it , just want to know how it will go down in court as far as what to say and accepting
DUI nobody else involved.. open container...
If you're not going to hire a private attorney, you will show up and talk with the public defender. The public defender...
Can I get cdl with three duis
3rd over five years old, first and second are 7+ years
It depends. Go to DMV and ask. You may be required to complete DUI classes before you're eligible for a license. DMV...