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  • Honesdale woman charged with Fentanyl theft

    Thursday Mar 2 | via Pocono Record 

    A Honesdale woman has been arrested and arraigned on charges of theft of Fentanyl, a felony of the third degree, plus other drug related charges, according to Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards. In October, a report was made of theft of a large quantity of fentanyl vials from Mountain Laurel Surgery Center in Honesdale.


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  • Downtown Jolt

    Feb 19, 2017 | via The Times-Tribune 

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Honesdale Law

Wondering what goes on at ARD hearing? I have already completed Highway Safety, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation,
First time offense DUI and I know there will be a fine, license suspension, is there community service always or is it case by case? I have a lawyer but he's away at the moment and I am curious as heck. Is probation where I get an officer to report to on a regular basis? Or is it set rules set just for me to abide by? TY
I assume that your attorney will be back prior to your hearing so he will be able to answer all of your questions. ARD...
I got a dui can I renew my carry firearm permit
the dui was 5 years ago
There is insufficient information to respond intelligently to your question. Moreover, whether or not you can renew...
Could a good lawyer get your suspended license time reduced if it's not dui or wreckless driving in PA
I live in an area where I need to drive to get to work, and I can't get a workers permit until 3 years without another driving with a suspended license offense.
All issues involving license suspensions are strictly enforced by the motor vehicle code. A lawyer can review your...
Can I get a dui after the incedent?
I got in a fender bender and the police showed up. The officer asked if I was under the influence because I was acting kind of funny. I told him I was on my prescription inhaler and sleeping meds and that I was feeling funny even though I hadn't talked my sleeping meds since the night prior. He wrote me the citation for the accident and told me I was unfit to drive called me a cab and impounded my car. I'm worried he may be able to write me a dui after the fact. Is this possible?
Yes. It is possible that you will be charged. If so, speak privately and confidentially with an experienced criminal...
Why was I charged with dui two years after the incident.
I was in an accident but never got a dui. Two years later I was served with paperwork is this within the proper timeframe. Bucks county pa.
Its very rare for them to wait that long. The statutw of limitations gives them two years to file but you should talk...
Should i fight a dui for reasons stated below?
I wrecked my vehicle than drove to the local VFW club and started drinking. The police showed up and took me to the hospital a half and hour after i wrecked. Should i fight the case that they have no proof that i was under the influence at the time of the wreck?
You need to hire an attorney who can immediately secure proof that you were drinking after the accident. A proper...
Will I be charged with DUI?
I left a restaurant after having 3 light beers and an IPA. I hit a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road, not very bad but cops were called and needed to file accident report. I admitted to the cop the beverages that I had, he placed me under arrest and then took me to the local hospital for blood to be taken. About half an hour after, the arresting officer took me home, returned my weapons and we ended on a firm handshake. I received my accident report and it reads the prime factor of accident is "other improper driving actions" however, it does say that I had the number of beers I said I had in the officers description. The bac section is also unknown. What can I expect?
There is no definitive answer to your question. It sounds that certainly if the officer wanted to charge you with DUI,...