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What happens when pulled over in parking lot of autoshop that was installing IID and I was driving by myself?
I was sentenced to a conditional discharge for a DWI, and within 10 days of sentencing I had to install an IID. I drove myself to my appointment not knowing this was illegal (thought I had 10 days to install, court and lawyer never said I could not drive to the appointment, had I known I would not have driven) and there was an officer sitting in a car right outside the shop...almost like he was sent there just to catch me as I did not make a traffic error. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot, he was behind me asking if there was an IID installed. I answered "No, I'm dropping it off to install it right now". He then gave me another misdemeanor for "operating a vehicle without an IID". I feel like I was set up/entrapped as the shop owner claims this is the first time it has ever happened and the first time he has seen anyone sit outside the shop (literally on the shoulder of the road near the entrance). I am now having to appear in court with my lawyer once again to answer the charge and again in court to be resentenced for violating CD. My questions are: Will I receive jail/probation? Will this get reduced/dismissed as I was literally getting it installed as instructed?
Not that it matters to you now, but once the IID condition is imposed at the time of sentencing, you cannot operate any...
I didn't respond to a trespassing ticket and have a criminal record due to addiction. I have since maintained sobriety 1 1/2 yrs
I was on private property and with my friend the police showed up and ran our licenses. I was in the driver seat with the keys not in the ignition. He had me call for a ride to get home and have the vehicle picked up due to the fact that neither of us had a valid license. This is the manner in which I found out that I had two different suspensions I paid them off since, went into treatment a couple different times but have maintained sobriety now for 1 1/2 years I also did 2 years of incarceration both County and State and have since successfully completed parole. What is going to happen if I write a letter to the court asking to appear regarding this situation because I would like to move to Florida and 4 months from now which would be December of 2016. I also can't move to Florida without having a valid license and this is all holding me back from doing so.
There is likely a warrant for your arrest. Hire a lawyer to arrange a surrender to the court. If the lawyer knows what...
How can I pettition for my liscence in a state where I am ineligible because of my 3rd dui conviction in virginia?
I was convicted of my 3rd dui in Virginia in 2011. I moved to ny got sober finished probation and am eligible for my licence. Ny said they wont give me a lisence because I have had 3. What now?
You could appeal New York's decision or speak to an attorney in Virginia.
Will the state mandate i install interlock device ?
nys resident . I have sold my car before conviction date 10/16/14. sold 6/1/14. 1 year and 7 months passes and lic reinstated 5/10/16. does probation or the state waive the interlock restriction as I am puchasing new vehicle?
It depends on the duration of the IID required by the judge and DMV. Speak to the defense attorney who represented you...
How do I go About and waive an IID from a dui conviction from five years ago which originally was a dwai that I received in ny?
This would be my second dui. My first one was in Florida my second I caught in ny under florida license. My conviction in ny was a dwai which is a traffic infraction, but Florida charged it as a DUI, misdemeanor and revoked my license for 5 years. Its been 5 years and I reside in ny now. I dont own a vehicle and florida is refusing to reinstate my license without a IID. I dont know how to get it waived considering the dwai and dui are two completely different charges and my BAC level doesnt qualify me for a IID. Please help
Many states (it seems FL is one of these states) do not have an equivalent charge to a NY DWAI, so they treat it in...
My husband jusf got a felony e dwi and aud this is the second time in 10 years. what is the worst he is looking at
He got a dwi 15 years ago and one 8 years ago the one 8 years ago was a felony cause they were within 10 years of each
4 years in state prison.
How can I get out of a felony dwai drugs for marijuana ?
I was arrested in my own drive way I just pulled in from getting out of work and I had enough time to take the keys out of the egnition and unplug my phone. Then a cop pulled in and asked for my liscence and registration which there was paraphernalia next to it in my glove box. Then he had me get out and did field sobriety tests and accused me of being high I wasn't I told him that multiple times then he said if u just admit this I will let u go so I did now I'm looking at a felony please help
Your question raises some questions ... first of all, what was the reason for the officer approaching your car in the...