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Can I be charged with DWI after the fact, no arrest was made?
My tire popped and a cop pulled up behind me, I was drinking and stupidly agreed to take a breathalyzer and failed 0.18. He did impound my car but did not arrest me, he allowed me to go with a friend. Am I off the hook?
Technically, you're not "off the hook", as the officer can issue a ticket after the fact (note, though, that...
Will I be given a probation violation for recieving a drunk in public fine while being on probation?
I am on probation for a dui offence and have a no drinking order in place and have only been on probation for a short period of time so far
Yes you can have your probation violated for this. Whether you are actually violated or not requires a hearing. You...
My probation form says that i am subject to alcohol tests. But it says nothing about drug tests. Am i subject to drug tests?
The box for alcohol tests IS CHECKED OFF AND I HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT I AM SUBJECT TO ALCOHOL TESTS. The box for drug tests is not checked off though. does this mean i am only subject to alcohol tests, and not drug tests?
Best to ask the probation department our guesses really won't help.
Im 29 and had sex with a 16 year old while drunk, can i get arrested?
She was willing, and my cousin and a friend were there, she slept over my house and talked to me afterwards, her dad dont like me and is trying to claim rape, should i worry
As long as she is 16 at the time, not chaste (statutory language) the encounter was consensual and took place in...
Hello I have a DUI in CA.I have been asked to do some community service and pay some fine.But the DMV hearing is still pending in CA and is due some where in July.The DMV at CA gave me a temporary license which is also now expired(because my license is only valid untill last Month).The problem is i have moved to MA this week because of the New job.Can i get a new License here,because i am finding it hard to Commute to the Office.I was wondering if i can get a new license here beacuse the case is still pending in CA. Please Advice
If your CA is not completed with satisfaction, the case will revert to its original state and may result in conviction...
Should I fight a second offense oui charge?
I was in an accident that I caused by falling asleep. I hit guard rail then a car. I was the only one hurt and brought to ER. When laid up in pain w/ neck brace on, somebody approached me and asked for consent to a blood test. Not knowing who the person was, thought it was a doctor, my blood was drawn. In police report it states my eyes were closed and it was loud inside the ER. Should I just bite the bullet or go through the process by fighting this case?
I assume your blood results were over .08. You should fight the case for a couple of reasons. The penalties...
Brother got a DUI in the state of CT about 4 months ago, this weekend he was charged with AB w/ a DW in MA can charges affect ea
Being that the states border one another. (DUI in Somers CT and AB in Hampden MA) I am not sure how this will all play out. My concern is that he is to stay clear of any issues, and AB with a DW seems to sure present an issue. My other concern is that one of the assault charges is against me, his step sister and we currently live together. I did not want to press charges, however the police told me the state was pressing them on my behalf??? Obviously they can do that, but not quite sure what all this entails. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time Sincerely, Jenn
Your brother can discuss those issues with his attorney(s). You can choose not to cooperate; something you can...