Holts Summit Crime

Holts Summit Crime

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  • Teen arrested after shooting in Callaway County

    Sunday Aug 23 | via KMIZ 

    A 16 year old boy is in custody Sunday on suspicion of shooting a man near Holts Summit Saturday night. Callaway County Sheriff's deputies responded to calls of a disturbance and shots fired on Hickory Nut Drive at 7:44 p.m. On scene, authorities found a 19-year-old male from Jefferson City with a gunshot wound.


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  • Pair indicted on 21 counts of sex assault on girl, 12

    Friday Aug 7 | via News Tribune 

    A Holts Summit man and a Jefferson City woman have been indicted by a Cole County grand jury on 21 counts of sexual assault involving a child under the age of 12. Michael Kreps, 38, was indicted on one count of first-degree rape, seven counts of first-degree statutory sodomy, one count of first-degree child molestation and one count of sexual exploitation of a minor. Tenessa Wolfe, 26, was indicted on one count of first-degree statutory rape, eight counts of first-degree statutory sodomy, one count of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of first-degree child molestation.


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Holts Summit Law

On 2005 i had my license suspended for 30 days and havent got them back so with the time could i get them back with out penaltys
driving behind a wheel after drinking rolled my car and got first dwi
Probably. It's been 9 years. Call the Department of Revenue and ask them what you need to do to get your DL back....
A friend got charged with MIP and Driving without license. He is an international student. What are the consequences?
He blew a .06 in the breathalyser.
Depends if your friends is charged in State or Municipal court. If charged in State court with a first time MIP the...
I got a third dwi and i have i warrant for my arrest for how long i will be in jail if i tur myself in
i wanna turn myself in to face my third dwi charge for how long i would be in jail
It depends on too many variables to give you an answer. It would be best if you hired a good attorney to represent...
I had i third dwi i wanna know for how long i will be in jail aprox and if i will bw able to become a citizen still am a residen
am a permanent resident
Contact a local attorney for specific information about Missouri sentences for third-offense DWI charges. If you are...
Need to know if I can get out of my dwi and other charges
first time offense on anything being charged with fleeing the scene of a motor vehicle accident driving while intoxicated and first degree property damage.
Your best course of action is to hire a criminal defense attorney.
Threatened Imprisonment for "diluted" drug tests in DUI Court program?
Asking for my Uncle. He is in DUI Court and has been at least over a year. He has low creatinine levels, and according to his Dr his body does this naturally. This has been communicated to the court & his PO multiple times and even from the Dr himself on the phone. He has complied with the program in every way and is sober. He has also gotten MULTIPLE blood tests AND hair follicle tests (all paid for by him!) that all come back negative for drug/alcohol use. He presents them with this info over ad over again and yet the courts are still threatening him with prison AND kicking him out of the program which he had adhered too. He was even put in jail last year for maintaining his innocence. He has also written the ACLU. What can he do? He is also supporting a wife and child & has little money
SCRAM can fix this. Have his attorney try to incorporate that instead.
For third DWI is it always a felony
Just received third dwi in st Charles, I am a prior offender
If you have pleaded guilty (even if you received an sis) to two prior dwi offenses then you will most likely be charged...