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  • Intoxicated man leads authorities on 24 mile chase t...

    Thursday Jan 21 | via KMIZ 

    Holts Summit Police arrested a 26-year-old man early Thursday morning after they said he led them on a more than 24 mile chase. Holts Summit Police first saw Arlend Murphy swerving in and out of lanes on Highway 54 WB at Simon Blvd. shortly before 1 a.m. When Murphy exited the highway and got back on and headed eastbound, an officer started following him with his emergency lights on.


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Holts Summit Law

DWI Trial with BAC of .10 by blood draw. Charged as persistent offender. Take to trial or accept plea?
What are the odds of beating a DWI if taken to trial with a .10 BAC by blood draw. Defendant was not behind the wheel when officer approached vehicle, defendant was outside of the car, keys were in ignition. Being charged as a persistent offender. This occurred in Callaway County, MO.
Get an attorney. It is really difficult to say what you should do without knowing your history, number of prior DUI's,...
On 2005 i had my license suspended for 30 days and havent got them back so with the time could i get them back with out penaltys
driving behind a wheel after drinking rolled my car and got first dwi
Probably. It's been 9 years. Call the Department of Revenue and ask them what you need to do to get your DL back....
A friend got charged with MIP and Driving without license. He is an international student. What are the consequences?
He blew a .06 in the breathalyser.
Depends if your friends is charged in State or Municipal court. If charged in State court with a first time MIP the...
I got a third dwi and i have i warrant for my arrest for how long i will be in jail if i tur myself in
i wanna turn myself in to face my third dwi charge for how long i would be in jail
It depends on too many variables to give you an answer. It would be best if you hired a good attorney to represent...
I had i third dwi i wanna know for how long i will be in jail aprox and if i will bw able to become a citizen still am a residen
am a permanent resident
Contact a local attorney for specific information about Missouri sentences for third-offense DWI charges. If you are...
Can people intoxicated legally consent to sex?
If 2 people in Missouri are over the age of consent but both under the age of 21 to drink. They end up having intercourse consentually. She actually is the one that asked for it. Can people who are intoxicated legally consent to sex. Not intoxicated as can't walk or blacked out just intoxicated as a good buzz.
There is no law that automatically prohibits an intoxicated person from consenting. But an incapacitated person cannot...
Out of state dui
I move from Kansas City mo to Texas 8 months ago did not transfer my Kansas City license to Texas license. So I still have the Kansas City drivers license I got pulled over for dui in Texas but had my Kansas City license, I got a dui when I was in Kansas City 3 years ago they gave me a suspended sentence and put me on probation for 2 which every thing went clear so would the dui I got in Kansas City count has 1 or second dui ? Because when I tried to call the dmv in Kansas City to find out info on my driving record they said it did not show any record of me being convicted for the first DUI? For the second dui I still have a trial date in two weeks
The answer is going to depend wholly on whether the prosecutor knows about the first one. I can tell you from...