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I am on parole until August for theft, and got a dui and driving while suspended. How likely is it to be violated in Indiana? I will have to get a public defender. Am I less likely to be violated if I hire an attorney?
You are most likely on probation, not parole. ALL probation requires "no further contacts with law enforcement." You...
My father has had his license suspended for 5 years, I don't know a lot of the story considering I haven't been able to talk to him.
Bottom line is he needs a local criminal lawyer to fight it
While i was turning into a buddies drive way a cop turned on his lights and i got pulled over in my buddies drive. he charged me with speed contest and OWI because my BAC was .11 . will i get jail time? what should i expect to get out of this? I got charged with a speed contest because my buddy went to pass me and the cop seen us side by side and said we were racing,, otherwise he had no other reason to pull me over ( he said himself ) cop said that he couldn't keep up with me although he never put my speed on the ticket. Do you think speed contest will get dropped?
It is tough to answer all your questions without reading the police report and knowing how the court at issue for your...
My boyfriend is waiting to go to court for probation revocation. But the charge that intentionally revoked him has been dropped. So I was just wondering if they would just reinstate his probation or possibly give him jail time
These are questions he should be asking his lawyer. No one here has enough information to even guess. That the...
My friend was pulled over for speeding after consuming a couple beers. The officer tried to give her a breathalyzer test but it was faulty. With no reasonable or valid reason, he took her to the Police post to use a different breathalyzer where she registered and was arrested. She was never read her rights and was never asked to perform a sobriety test at the scene. WHAT GAVE HIM THE RIGHT TO DETAIN HER FOR FURTHER TESTING?
It appears that the state will claim that there was probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion. A motor vehicle...
I was arrested for OWI in the state of Michigan in Berrien County. I did not have the possession of any other drugs or alcohol but was under the influence of alcohol and arrested for OWI. My first given court date was given to me about 12 days from my arrest. I am curious if I need to worry about being drug tested on my first court date or any court dates in the future.
Possibly. Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation. Stop doing any illegal drugs now.
BMv states that I can apply for probation license privilege.
It sounds like there is an application you can complete and then submit to the BMV. You can probably do it yourself....