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What if i got arrest warrant in delaware for dui then get dui in Pennsylvania will it come up at court?
Didnt finish my dui requirements had court never showeld up for court will it come up in pa
If a bench warrant was issued, chances are very good that the warrant will be discovered once the Police Officer or...
I looking for lawyer to fight the blood pa uses to test for DUI for perscription meds
I was charged with DUI perscription meds now I did everything my doctors and pharmacist and FDA said to even waited two extera days before I drove.i even asked a police officer who is responsible to tell you when to drive? He said it is your doctor.but when the police drew my blood and got the report back they said I hade 259 nano grams in my blood. That was after three days without meds I should have never been near a car let alone driving.they police know that what your doctors say is wrong according to their test but yet they tell you listen to your doctors. The sea never heard of this test let alone where they get those numbers.please help with bad law thank you
You have the right idea, you definitely need an attorney. There's a lot more play than just what's in your blood, if it'...
Failing a second drug test for probation ?
On probation for resisting arrest. Went to my probation officer told her I was a drug addict for heroin got a violation without taking the drug test bc I new I wouldn't pass . Went to rehab and I'm now in a treatment program.i meet every two weeks for a urine test I've passed every test forr 8 months now . What would happen if I fail a urine test
You should discuss your concerns with your attorney. He or she is most familiar with your case and your judge. With...
I was arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania. I declined the field sobriety test and asked for a chemical test. The state trooper was insisting on taking me to their hospital of choosing. I wanted to be taken to a hospital in the area that I chose. I did not refuse the chemical test I refused to be taken to the hospital of their choosing. I kept insisting that it's my right to be taken to a physician of my choosing. They documented that I refused the chemical test. There was no actual test taken. The troopers weren't sure about the law and kept looking it up as well as the corporal at the barracks and said they could not find anything. Do I have a good defense?
A good defense to what?? DUI?? That depends onna lot more than then the drug test. You would want an experienced DUI...
Can police in pa draw blood from a dui suspect with a warrant first
I was involed in anaccident the ploice took me to get a blood without a warrant. my new is appealing my conviction because the police needed a warrant and they didn't get a warrant. is that true no one ever heard that my appeal has taken 6 months already .can I get a copy off the papers for the appeal request.than you
Best to inquire directly from current counsel.
Is there any way to get a DUI pardoned in PA?
It is over 10 years old. My BAC was.06. The problem was that I had taken a prescribed controlled substance (medication) 9 hours before my arrest and I stupidly thought that honest was the best policy and I told the police officer this information. Although the medication in my system was below the federal limit and only acts on your system for 4 to 6 hours, the half life is 32 hours. However, I didn't know that the med had such a long half life. Why would I? Even at my preliminary hearing, the police officer admitted on the stand that I had no signs at all of physical inditia. Yet, the case still moved on and I pled guilty, not having resources for a trial. Thank you.
A pardon may be an option. The process for obtaining a pardon is very long. You may also qualify for a limited access...
My license was suspended for a drug case for two years i was in a car accident what if any can i be charged with?
I was driving to work feel asleep at the wheel and got into an accident no other vehicle was involved
Driving on a suspended license........................