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On a 2nd underage drinking ticket in Wisconsin, what are the penalties I could be looking at within a year
I got a underage drinking ticket back in August of 2013 and just another in june 2014, what are the penalties I could be looking at. I took a class and lowered my first one down.
Could be looking at a fine and drivers license suspension. You may want to talk to a local attorney about options you...
I’m not eligible for interlock program in Minnesota. My device doesn’t work, so can I remove my interlock myself?
I currently live in Wisconsin and can not afford to tow my vehicle to Minnesota.
Not without likely violating both your contract with the IID company and the law of the State that ordered the installation.
How do you think a judge would rule in my disorderly conduct case?
I was way too intoxicated so I decided to go home from a party I was at. I was walking home and I don’t remember what happened but I’m almost positive I saw a man with a knife and he began chasing me. I was by myself so I was very scared and began running towards my friends house to get help. I was so disoriented and scared that I went to the wrong house and tried to break the door so I could use someone’s phone as mine had broken earlier in the night. When the cop came I was very compliant and respectful and explained I had thought someone was chasing me with a knife. My BAC was insane lime .22 I believe. He gave me a signature bond for disorderly conduct and drove me back home where I thanked him for helping me. Everyone has thought I was possibly drugged but I don’t know. I am more worried about what I saw than the ticket but how do you think the judge would rule? And would I need a lawyer in this situation? Also the guys house I was at didn’t press charges. Thank you so much in advance this is a scary situation. Lastly I have a clean record.
You are responsible for the many bad things that can happen after you drink too much, so the officers were certainly...
Even if you are intoxicated, if you believed your life was in legitimate danger would those be grounds to dismiss a charge?
Even though I was very drunk, I believed there was a direct threat to my safety, and tried to get to my friends house except I wound up a block down and the owners called the cops because I was frantically knocking on the door. Iwas very compliant and happy when the officer showed up but I did blow a .22 and I know emotions are out of whack when under the influence. He drove me home but gave me a disorderly conduct signature bond. My record is clean except for a speeding ticket 2 years ago, and I cannot afford a criminal charge as I would like to go to med school. If I get a lawyer do you think the charges could be lessened or even dropped? I didn’t end up damaging the door or hurting anyone. Also I’m talking to a lawyer Thursday but I can’t focus on schoolwork because I keep thinking about what will happen. Thank you very much in advance!
Stop posting details on line in this public forum. You aren't helping yourself. This is not a civil rights question, as...
Is 5 months too long to wait for blood tests following a dwi charge in WI?
I got pulled over in early May for speeding. There was marijuana in the vehicle. The officer performed a field sobriety test and breathalizer on scene, I passed both. I was then taken to hospital for blood draw and arrested. It has been almost 5 months and there is still no results. Is it normal to take this long? Should I pursue or is it true the longer it takes the better defense I have?
There is no standard rule that the longer it takes for anything, including getting blood test analysis results back...
Can I get a CDL with 2 dui if I were able to get them expunged?
Need to get a Cdl for a job. Have 2 dui, one is over 10 years old but after September, 1995. The other is 7 years old.
The Department of Transportation will tell you if you can obtain a CDL. That is purely administrative. Good luck to you.
I have court 2 hours away from my house and job. If I am sentenced to 45 days in Jail will I go to jail 2 hours away?
I was wondering because I have work release if I go to jail. I was hoping I would be sentenced close to home so I could go to work rather than 2 hours away.
You will serve the sentence in the county where the conviction occurs unless transfer privileges are granted, and your...