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I believe that under NJ law this applies to an arrest made in a school zone. I have the police reports which indicate I was not in a school zone. Can I get my suspension reduced?
I do not believe so. Under our current court rules, the PCR (Post Conviction Relief) motion - the one that allows you...
I received a summons for underage drinking in NJ. I was convicted of a municipal ordinance. Will I have to disclose this on graduate school application?
NO. It is not a criminal offense.
I received an underage drinking ticket (2c:33:15) at PNC Bank Arts Center for drinking from a flask and I have to go to court in September. I'm reading all these penalties online (criminal charge, no less than $500 fine, possible suspension of license) and I do not know what to do. I read online from someone in a similar position as me saying that if I plead guilty I will get a disorderly conduct and a fine. I don't know how to go about any of this, should I also talk to the court clerk for advice? What is my worst case scenario and best case scenario? I am 20 soon turning 21 and I am just freaking out about this.
You should hire a lawyer. The court clerk cannot give you advice, and if he or she does, it is not going to be what's...
I was in a concert parking lot with friends, some of who were drinking. An officer approached and asked for ID's. I didn't have mine, so I told him my age (20). He asked if I'd been drinking (I hadn't) and I said no. He kept pushing me to 'just admit it', claiming he could 'smell alcohol on me'. I was lead to believe that if I didn't admit to it, I'd have to go to the station. He said that the ticket would be a $45 fine and wouldn't go on my record, so, I 'confessed'. My research indicates that a 2c 33 15 conviction actually results in a fine of no less than $500 AND a record. I'm livid. Also, I was recently charged with underage possession of alcohol, which I imagine won't improve matters for me in court. What can I do to make the conviction turn in my favor? Do I have any kind of case?
I believe you asked the same question over the weekend. The answer remains the same. Retain counsel and sit down for...
Me and a friend shared one beer in my car, which was turned off, at a concert. I was immediately approached by police and charged with underage possession and consumption of alcohol. Will this mean I will lose my license even though I was not driving? I really need it to get to work and college. Without it, I will need to drop out of school.
Much more information is needed.
I am from SC and was visiting NJ for a wedding. Officer stopped me in NJ wrote me a ticket for DUI and kept my license. I have not had the court date yet.
In my state (Ca), they are not, because the license is the property of another state. My standard disclaimer: I am...