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Can you leave the state while completing the felony diversion program?
I started the program about two months ago, but am almost done with community service and am about to participate in the required drug classes. I am supposed to be playing football at a junior college , and initially thought I'd wait until all of this was behind me. I'm now trying to relocate around June , which isn't even past my half way court date.My lawyer shows up in court for me, and I wouldve just asked him this question but I have to set up a call, and i just accidently ignored his call so I know it would take almost a week to get in contact with him, And for a relatively simple question that I need answered urgently I'm improvising. Thanks for your help!!
It probably depends on the details of your diversion agreement, but if your case was a felony then I would assume that...
Can I drive in NC with a suspended lisence for a DUI? I hold a valid MA lisence.
Two factors play into this question. 1) I have been convicted of a DUI in February of 2008 in the state of MA. I have been convicted of another DUI in the state of NC on 7/2/2015, however, they charged me as this was my first offense (probably because MA isn't in the interstate agreement?) 2) my MA lisence is still valid I am wondering if I am able to drive with my MA lisence, or at the very least, apply for a limited lisence to go back and forth to work. Thank you!
Are you located in NC or MA? If NC, they likely suspended your driving privileges in NC state regardless of your MA...
Can husband get a visa with 2 dwi's on record?
Husband entered US without inspection in 2006 and got a dwi in 2009 and another in 2012. The coviction in 2012 was a level 2 cause he did not take the alcohol class in 2009 after the 1st dwi so he was charged with driving while license revoked and dwi for the 2012 charge. He has completed the alcohol class and finished probation. Since the convictions he has completely changed, he got a job, we have got married, have 2 children and have bought a home. Would he be able to get a visa/green card or could he be denied because of the dwi's
DWIs will not prevent your husband from obtaining permanent resident status. The problem is his entry without...
If i get an evaluation before court is an active sentence possible for a level 5 dwi after trial
if i get an evaluation before court is an active sentence possible for a level 5 dwi after trial
A level 5 DWI would usually be structured with a suspended sentence usually 45-60 days. With 12 months probation,...
Can I reapply for CCW permit after revoked for DWI after 3 years.
I was arrested and charged Aug 2011, finally convicted Jan 2013. I've learned from my mistake. I got a letter in the mail from the Sheriff 18 months later revoking my CCW permit. I walked in and turned in my permit. I've read through the General Statutes and found that technically I should be able to reapply 3 years after conviction unless it's interpreted that a revocation is permanent or a reason to deny a later application. Am I correct in any of those assumptions? Can I reapply Feb 2016?
If you can't find the answer from a lawyer on Avvo, consider calling a local DUI attorney for a consultation. Most are...
My son was arrested for DWI in Raleigh NC. I would like to know if his rights were violated.
My son said he was not notified of his rights pertaining to submitting to a breathalyzer. I noticed his signature is not on the form that outlines his rights where it says signature of person charged. Is this an issue? Everything else is filled in.
It's possible he may have some valid defenses. You should speak with an experienced DWI attorney to see how the case...
How can i get my license back?
Only have dwlr... And suspended license charges but dmv said i need a lawyer... Can u assist so i can find out how much it will cost and what has to be done.
Every lawyer sets their retainers based on their experience. That said, avvo lawyers are prohibited in quoting in the Q...