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I was arrested for drivers license coming up denied? Spent night in jail! And went to motor vehicle to find out i had a validDL
I was pulled over.asked why I was being pulled over and he said I had a tag light out.he asked my name I told him several times then I said would u like my drivers license? He said oh yeah.came back He asked me to get out of my escalade I said may I ask why? He said just go to the back of the truck.. I said OK figuring that he was going to show me my tag light was out.instead he put cuffs on me!i said what are u doing. he said u know exactly what I'm doing your under arrest for not having a drivers license.i was so shocked being i am 39 never been in any trouble in my life. He said it came up denied.i spent night in jail. Went to dmv soon as I got out and my license was valid.said he'd throw out.went to court found out he lied on pr.said gave him a fake name? Not enough room on here..
Unfortunatley you are going to need a lawyer. If the police officer lied, which is common, it does not matter unless...
What is the typical probation for driving while intoxicated on Meth and child endangerment? My daughter was arrested 8 years ago
My daughter received 10 years probation and cannot get out of the system. She is in jail now for her 3rd probation violation and the DA wants to revoke her probation. I understand she is not perfect but I believe she is going to Kill herself because she can't see her kids and has been in for 120 days with no hearing. Any advice?
3rd revocation in Cherokee may revoke the balance. How did she violate?
My expungement paper work for DUI was denied by the Duluth Municipal Court, does not meet all statutory requirements,
OCGA 35-2-37 D what does this mean
You can expunge a DUI case if it was dismissed. A reduction or conviction can not be expunged.
I now live in ga. And got my second Dui five years ago as soon as I moved here. I am ready to find out how to clear the national
Registery but how?my fl. Licenses is suspended and I have paid all fines and been through the required classes to satisfy ga. What next?
When you moved to Georgia and applied for a license, they would have checked the status of your Florida License. If...
Can i get a first offense dui sponged from my record? prof. driver that cant find work.
prior to that my driving record was clean for 17 years.
A conviction can never be expunged or removed from your record. First offender is not available for DUI convictions...
Can a police officer get away with not reading you your rights or drawing your blood?
I have been charged with dui drugs the cop never read me my rights before or after arresting me. Also a police officer drawled blood from me him self can they do that, also never had a dre on scene for sobriety test or at the station. And also looking for a good dui lawyer in the area any suggestions?? The reason he said he pulled me over was because I turned around in front of him he was sitting on the side of the road. The reason I turned around is because I was testing out a truck and two People told him the same thing.
The officer does not have to read you your rights, and your reason/excuse for turning around does not matter (...
Can I call in a dui on someone after they drive home drunk
Do I need to take a picture of them behind the wheel
You would need to call the police so that the person is actually caught driving or soon thereafter.