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It's been two months since my accident. No citation or anything just a TRaffic crash report. will I still get a DUI/OWI?
Two months have gone by and I have nothing but a traffic crash report to go off of. I had no intentions of driving but when blacked out I guess I did and crashed. Went to the hospital in very critical condition. Cops went in my purse and got my ID out of it. But I'm not sure if they took a blood sample or anything. I never got a ticket and have not heard a word. I'm very ashamed that I got in the car. I know better. And I don't know what came over me to do so. But I'm wondering what should I do. Should I wait for something in the mail. Can I go get a new license. I'm sick with worry. And at a loss of what to do from here.
Sometimes it takes a long time to get the results of a blood draw. I would consult with a local OWI attorney.
Will he get a court appointed attorney ? Should we get one? Will they throw a DUI at him? What should we do? Will he get jail?
2 weeks ago my nephew was stopped for broken tail light in Oakland County MI. Because he was nervous officer searched him and found one rolled joint in his pocket and rolling papers in car. Car was searched (nothing found) and he was arrested and car impounded. He bailed himself out the next day. $200.00 He had not been smoking that day.While arrested he was questioned and asked if he had been smoking the night before and if he had been driving.He sayed yes. He is presently charged with posession and for the rolling papers. We can't afford an attorney unless we could make low payments. He has not been in trouble before except as a juvenile. He is 29. His first appearance in court is in 3 days.
I would strongly recommend you at least consult with a few different criminal defense attorneys, to check prices - many...
What to expect for my fiancé s 3rd DUI in Oakland county?
My fiancé was pulled over in march 12 and although he passed the field sobriety tests he blew a .14. They placed him on a self bond on the condition he was to wear the SCRAM tether. Well he wore it for the first month and a half with no problems except they had to switch it out twice due to it malfunctioning. However at his pre exam the judge revoked his self bond saying there were six instances of him drinking. Every date and time they named off he was clocked in at work, within plain view of fifty other people. His next court date is July 9th, any chance of him getting work release since he 'violated'? And is there anyway to prove he did not violate? His other DUI's were 7 and 8 hrs ago
He needs an attorney ASAP
Can a non-officer conduct the 15 minute test before a datamaster test in a dui/criminal investigation?
I was arrested (11/11/17) for Dui by Novi police. I was driven straight to the hospital for a blood draw after refusing medical attention. (I was in an accident before the arrest) After the hospital visit, I was sat on a bench for what seems like 3 minutes then fingerprinted by some kind of police service aid. This person had an entirely different uniform that suggests that she was not a police officer. Immediately after fingerprints I was given the datamaster test by a different male officer. The arresting officer or testing officer did not "monitor" for more than a few seconds. The police service aid only looked over me for maybe a few minutes. Was this process legal? Is the arresting officer responsible for watching of the "criminal"?
There are very specific procedures that the police with regards to administering a Datamaster test. If these procedures...
If I was just place on probation for misdemeaner for having marijuana illegally is it possible to get a marijuana prescription?
I was recently place on probation for having a marijuana pen at school. I do not have a med card for it but I was using it medically. I have ADHD, insomnia and anxiety. At first they gave me 90 days probation but now are trying to put me in a diversion program which will make me tear for a whole nother year. I haven't been able to sleep and my life has just been awful ever since I stopped. I just need to know if there is anything I can do to to be able to use medical marijuana again I'm 18 year old.
No. You have a conviction which now prevents you from obtaining a medical marijuana card.
Can I get my court fines reduced after pleading guilty to an impaired driving charge?
I was arrested for blowing a .08 and charged with an OWI, it was reduced down to a visibly impaired charge, which is a $300 fine. After accepting the plea, I went down to the clerk to receive the paperwork and noticed that I was being charged $2000 in court costs. Is there any way to get this cost lowered? I am going to school and working both full time and I cannot afford this.
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Can a person use temporary insanity plea for a defense on a DUI or DWI charge
I got a phone call from my ex-wife that my daughter had ran away from home in the middle of the night I was at home sleep when my wife call me at 3 in the morning woke me up out my sleep with disturbing news that my daughter ran away from home I was drinking the night before I went to sleep around 12:30 at night got the phone call about 3 in the morning without thinking I immediately jumped in the car and went to head to my wife house got pulled over on my way there by Troy police department and now I'm being charged with DUI
You could certainly TRY to use that as a defense, but you would have to have expert testimony to support your claim....