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What is the statute of limitations for a DUI in KY
I got a DUI 10 years ago. I didn't drive after that because I moved to a city where I didn't need a car. Now I cant get a license.
The statute of limitations applies to the period of time you may be prosecuted (or an individual may file suit in civil...
I was ticketed for DUI and careless driving what can I do it seems like if your DUI you wouldn't be charged with both
Dui for smoking pot and and smoked pot for 25 years but I refused the test so it is an aggravated DUI
You can hire an experienced DUI attorney. There isn't really anything else you can do unless you just want to plead...
Can you be charged with DUID if you have a legal prescribition and your levels are correct?
I was driving around 7pm, it was already dark, rainy. Going into the curve all I could see was bright, bright lights coming towards me, the next thing I knew my car flipped landed on its top about 500 feet from where the other driver was. No skidd marks, no witness, nothing to prove it was only my fault but the other driver's word, who was not hurt. I climbed out of my car somehow dazed, I could not see just here everything. The policeman said, I want you to tell me the truth, you better not lie to me either, are you taking anything today. I was scared to death. I said I took a oxycodone ealier today, and then He told me I was underarrest for DUI. I had to go to the hospital or jail he said. They took me to Er and did drug test. In 37 years I have never had a ticket,
Yes you can be charged with a DUI even if the drugs were presription, legal, and you took an appropriate dosage. The...
What will happen if I have a DUI on my record and I just received an MIP?
I was charged with a DUI a year and a half ago and this past weekend, I received an MIP from an ABC cop for having an unopened beer in my hand. What is going to happen? Will the punishment for the MIP be more severe with a DUI already on my record?
I would wager yes, considering your a minor and you've had two alcohol related incidents. Is this worth it to...
How do we resolve a Georgia DDS requirement for an Interlock Ignition waiver from a Florida judge?
My son received a second DUI while visiting Key West Florida 13 years ago. He had a Georgia license at the time. He has since moved to Ohio, and when he tried to get an Ohio license he found out Georgia has suspended his GA license because he never had an Interlock Ignition device installed. The Florida DMV sent a letter to the GA DDS stating that no Interlock Ignition device was required, and that he has met all Florida requirements for license reinstatement. GA DDS is telling my son the information in the letter is what they need, but it must come from a judge, not the DMV. The office of the sentencing judge says the judge cannot provide a waiver for a GA requirement. Impasse.
Contact an attorney in your area who practices DUI/DWI law. They are the best source of information to find out how to...
4th offense dui while driving on a dui suspended license
I got a 4th offense dui and driving on a suspended license in my plea the court suspended my license for 5 years that 5 years was up in feb of 2015 now Frankfort ky says I have another 5 years because of the driving on dui suspended with the dui. I had my lawyer that done my case file a motion to amend or alter the driving on a suspended license but the judge denied that motion is there anything else I can do to get my license back now
I'm only licensed in Washington but I can tell you if you've already had your attorney file a motion on this issue, and...
DUI Bond Revocation
I posted a cash bond for a friend of mine who had got her 3rd DUI in 5 years with aggravating circumstances (.24 BAC and ran into the back of another vehicle, no injuries). Her case was extended and while out she left Louisville to go back home in Madison County and was arrested for alcohol intoxication in public and released on her own in less than 24 hours. Will this cause the bond to be revoked and will I lose the cash I put up? Does the fact it happened in another county make any difference to whether the court will know about it at her next court appearance in a few weeks? Finally, is there any way possible that I can have the bond revoked myself and get the cash back before it's lost? Thank you for any replies.
It will be most likely the case about the bond as one of the condition was probably remain law abiding. The cash will...