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How can i get reimbursed for towing/storage fees $900 that i had to pay to get vehicle back?
arrested for dui..vehicle was impounded. stayed in jail for 3days and then released i was given a certificate of detention only. towing company charge me for 6days of storage.
I highly doubt you will be able to secure such reimbursement, unless you can show that the officer's mistake was based...
License was suspended/revoked due to a seizure?
6 years ago I had fractured my back, was on a combo of meds, I was driving a mile from my house to Safeway, as I was turning at the light, 3/4 of the way I black out, next thing I knew I was half way on a median with my head over the steering wheel, I came to and was very disoriented, onlookers told police they saw me seizing, I have never had any history of seizures so DMV took my license away and said I needed to fill out a medical evaluation packet, I passed an epileptic test to disprove a seizure disorder and stopped taking the meds (doctor request), DMV denied my reinstatement at the hearing, I've filled out the packet twice since than and they give me a different reason each time, how difficult will it be to get my license back? Small amount of marijuana was in my car as well
Sounds like the DMV is giving you a bit of a run around and you're not providing the proper documentation this is why...
Does a DUI case with no damage or injuries...is there a Valid Cause of Action?
Can you please tell me the Elements of a Valid Cause of Action and how these apply to to a DUI case?
This question is a bit odd, are you asking if there are grounds for a civil case? If so, the most common basis for a...
Can i get in trouble for being around people that are under age and have alcohol? I too am under 21.
some friends were at the beach drinking, me and some other friends came late and when we did the officer was already talking to them about drinking. She made us sit down and listen while she told us that we could all be cited for just being there. Luckily she just made them dump it out and leave the beach, but now our school is trying to do something about it and get everyone that was there cited. Is this possible?
A minor in possession charge can be made against anyone under 21 who has possession of alcohol merely being present...
Can a officer give their DUI arrest to another officer
The arresting officer pulled me over and did all the FSTests,searched my car and put me under arrest. When it came time to transport me he handed me over to an officer that was not there for most of the arrest. yet he signed my court papers as the arresting officer and will be going to court to testify about something he was not there to witness. Is this legal??
There are two answers to your question. First, can the officer hand you over to another officer for booking, the...
Can one be found guilty of FELONY CHILD ABUSE if they and their child are passengers, and their driver/boyfriend gets a D.U.I.?
My mother and my 11 yr. old brother were being driven home one night by her boyfriend ( who is not the father of my 11 yr.old brother), when he got pulled over and charged with a D.U.I. My mother was not breathalyzed. She was charged with felony child abuse and is awaiting her trial. She has no other child abuse or domestic violence charges on her record, and she did not admit to knowing he was drunk. Do the prosecutors have a valid case, charging her with felony child abuse? Should she get a lawyer?
She should A B S O L U T E L Y get a criminal defense attorney. Immediately.
How can I prove the officer was lying on the whole report?
He wrote I was traveling in the opposite direction and pulled out in front of three cars which had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting me. Then took me to the station for a blood draw. When I went to the arranement the judge read part of the report and it said I was found with booze in my system.I have not had a drink in over 10yrs. My sample had to be tampered with. Whats this world coming to when the guys that are sworn to protect us are the ones we have to fear the most?
The only way you can resolve this and other issues you have raised is to retain a DUI attorney to challenge the arrest...