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Dui in Pennsylvania with a prior Ovi in Ohio
Sept. 13th 2014 I was arrested for a 1st offense dui in Ohio. Bac of .168 My conviction was settle Jan. 26, 2015.. recently got ran off the road by another driver and police did breathlyser and blood work and found my bac was .142.. will I get convicted of a 1st or 2nd offense in pa since ohio is not a commonwealth and Pennsylvania is a commonwealth state?
State or Commonwealth makes no difference. Get a lawyer now. There are other technicalities that you may use to beat...
How do i find out if i was chargd with dui in pennsylvania 22 years ago
I was stopped and taken to the hospital and was released into my girlfriends custody. I dont remember if i had a breathalizer or blood work done. I dont think I was taken to the police station before the hospital. I ended up leaving the state and i dont know if i was charged. I never heard anything. I want to move back to PA....how do I find out if I was charged with anything? Would there be a bench warrant out for my arrest? I hold a cdl license and have been stopped in checks....would a warrant have showed up on the check of my license if I was charged all those years ago?
You can go on the UJS Portal to see.
I completed ARD on a credit card charge. I have now been arrested on a DUI. Can I get ARD again?
I was on ARD til May of last year. I completed it. I was arrested and charged with a DUI higher than .10. Can I get ARD again? ANd am I looking at if convicted?
No. you can not get ARD again. You are eligible for ARD every 10 years. You haven't given gone 6 months. If this is...
Is there any kind of time limitation to negotiating a plea bargain?
If the prosecutor offers a sentence much longer than what you would like to settle for (for multiple consecutive DUIs), how many times can you counter-offer and is there a time limit to when an agreement needs to be reached ?
Respectfully, no one here can answer that question. That is a question best answered by your attorney who knows the...
Does a state trooper have to read you your rights when arresting you for a dui
I got arrested for a dui the other day and The officer never read me my rights. And the only paper that I signed was for my blood work.
You signed for permission for blood work. The results will show whether there was alcohol in your body above or below...
Is there a way to figure out if I received an underage drinking citation?
I was drinking at a party, underage, and ended up having to be taken to the hospital because I had too much to drink. I was not notified, as of my knowledge, that I had received a citation and have not received anything from the local police.
Check with the local court and see if they have a case for you. The local court would be the municipal court if inside...
How much total do I have to pay for my citation?
Hello, I live in Altoona, Pa. I'm 18 years old and this is my first offense. I was caught underage drinking and I received my citation in the mail, and it says I'm unable to use epay. I guess I have to mail it, but it doesn't say the total amount. It says "35.50 under item 27. How do I found out the total amount so I can mail it?
An attorney would have to READ the citation in order to give you any kind of meaningful assistance.