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How can I seal or expunge a DUI i got in Ohio while my DL was in WV?
I was pulled over after being followed by Ohio State Trooper for 7 blocks when i merged into right lane without use of turn,signal, yes I had three beers, the officer had me to blow twice, conduct the the tilt head back test and place finger on nose when instructed, to follow the light and walk a straight line, he arrested me after i refused to stand on one foot, I had explained to him that I had pinched the nerve in my back and my legs were going dumb, when I pulled my son out of a fight 10 minutes prior, and that this was a recurring injury from the time I injured my back when deployed. He then arrested me and took me to jail, he let my son go when his wife came and gave him my cell and wallet to take home so I had no way to get bail or get a number to call for someone to bail me out. I later found out from the CO's at the jail that the officer charged me and stated that I refused to blow, even though I blew twice for him and said I was being un co-operative with him. i had to be on parole for a year, pay fees in both Ohio and WV, go to a class for 72 hrs straight. I have no points on my driving record and it shows it to be closed. Even my personal car insurance has lowered
Nope, no possible unfortunatley ……..There are certain offenses under Ohio law that cannot be expunged. Charges of...
Will WV suspend drivers license if the DUI occurred in PA, and the ARD program is granted and completed successfully?
I am a WV license holder, and got a DUI in PA. My lawyer thinks I will be eligible for the ARD program, which to my understanding is not a conviction, however there will be a 60 day suspension of driving privileges in PA. My license is not due to renew until 2020. My question is will WV catch wind of the situation and suspend my license, even though it is technically not a conviction?
Since you were not convicted of DUI, your WV driver's license will be unaffected.
How am i suppose to take my DUI classes hear in Parkersburg ,West Virginia i don't even have a job ??
Westbrook health services is where the classes are taking for my first offense DUI they took my information with an appointment they needed household income so the friend, i'm living with gave me thier income tax forms because i have no income at all no job and it's called a Indigent funds , so i was'nt eligiable for the classes he made to much i don't understand, and i am scared don't know what to do please help me with this ! Thank You.
You put yourself in this mess by presenting income information that was not yours. You need to contact your probation...
Will I do jail time?
One year ago I wrecked my car and received a DUI. My license has been suspended for almost a year, and I recently got pulled over and got a driving on a revoked license. I'm wanting to know whats going to happen!
"Possible" penalty is 30 days up to six months, $100 to $500 fine and additional 180 day suspension on driver's license....
Dmv dui hearing
hi dave hear,got stopped a yr and a hf ago and charged with dui,went to court with a court appt attyy,and court case got threw out,then got a letter from dmv(wv here) ,stating they were gonna try and mess with my drivers license,and dmv said dosent matter that the court case was dismissed, but prior to it being dismissed I contacted an atty in charleston,and they told me it would be 2500 depending on how the court case went,well it got threw out with the public defender I had,and its been 1 1/2 yrs and I asked the atty I hired for a partial refund on the 2500 I gave them, as Ive heard nothing else from the dmv and I truly wasnt under the influence(gave blood) and the atty sid he would check into it 2 weeks ago,and ive left message at there firm ,and online talking to him ,now there simply not responding,am I not entitled to a partial refund
You will first half to check your signed engagement agreement contract for primary guidance and secondarily the WV...
How long can the WV OAH take to render a decision after a hearing for an aggravated DUI?
My daughter was arrested 7/19/14 for aggravated DUI. She received notice on 8/21/14 that her license would be revoked and she would have to participate in the test and lock program effective 9/28/14. We petitioned the OAH for a hearing within the time frame. We were granted a hearing in Nov. 2014 which was postponed to Feb. 4, 2014 as requested by their attny. We had the hearing and now it has been 17 months and we JUST received notice that we "lost". Can they take that long to render a decision? Is she really going to be punished for staying "good" for 2 years?
But one of "many" reasons the WV legislature introduced legislation this last term to eliminate the administrative...
How do you use your "Right to Travel" to beat a "driving on a suspended" case?
My husband got arrested for driving on a suspended(dui). However, the constitution states that drivers licenses are only required for drivers who drive for a living/compensation and that every American has the right to travel freely on public roads, by automobile and no license is required. It also says that no state laws shall over rule or take this right because that would interfere with a persons right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which means that every American has the right to drive without a license as long as they are not getting paid?Am I wrong?
I am sorry ma'am, but yes you are wrong and your legal analysis is wholly inaccurate. A lawful driver's license is...