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Can I?
Can I change my parole officer?I felt my first drug test In January after being home for 2year,now I'm In substance abuse.I don't have a Job In have to pay $20:00 every Tuesday,an have too take a drug screen once or twice a week which is $25.00.an my Monthly payments.An if you have a balance because you can't afford to pay for drug screen,there not going to test you.In my Parole officer telling me they gone kick me out In Ima go back to jail If so,I don't have a Job In she should take me out of there In test me here self.
No, your parole officer is assigned to you once you are put on parole by the district probation/parole office. You are...
If you are ordered to provide a blood test, and you do, and completely pass .is there any liability for the arresting officers?
i do not drink at all, but i do suffer from disability that causes tremors, in stressful situations
Yrs but very marginal if you roll out the same day.
I think I may have been wrongfully convicted of drinking and driving what do I do?
I was involved in a car accident that didn't hurt anyone. I was the only person on the road and it was raining and my car spun out of control. When the cop picked My up and gave me my breathalyzer test indicated a 0.9 bac. I was a heavy smoker at the time I took my test nearly 2 packs a day. I know that this factor can ultimately hurt me in my case. i'm also only 20 years old I was 19 at the time I took the test. I don't smoke anymore though. My lawyer that my parents had to pay 1500 dollars for seemed like he did absolutely nothing for me I had the same results as everyone else in the court room. I've done plenty of reading on what a skilled dui lawyer can possibly accomplish yet nothing happened. Now I'm stuck in position that's ruining my life financially because I will most likely being paying about 3 grand total when all said and done. I was convicted only 2 days ago. I also live in Louisiana one of the hardest states that give dui convictions is there anything I can possibly do? Do I have any options ? Please help !
You dont tell us how you were convicted. Trial? Plea deal? You talk about the effects of blood alcohol and smoking...
What is the worst I can get for first time parfanalia and a legend drug
I got caught with a straw and a clear bottle with nausea pills. I got charged with a legend drug and parfanalia
You need to call an attorney. I'm guessing you also have a DEI. Need to know if you blew or were urine or blood...
Interlock in company car
Have to get interlock I have sr22 insurance can I put interlock in company car since I have no vehicle
You should contact a lawyer directly, in the appropriate jurisdiction, who handles these types of cases.
What can happen if you fail a drug screen during a pti program but for a completely different drug from the one you're charged w
On pti for pot charges Beend doing amphetamines instead and have failed the drug acreen
Uou Can Be Booted Out If diversion.
Can I be found guilty for driving while taking suboxone prescribed to me ? Long story short, drug cops searched my husbands car
They also searched my home and found nothing, I was in store 15 min ,a man told me my 26 yr old son was unresponsive in my car, I went to car, and it turned out they were drug cops in plain clothes, there was 4 of them, Turned out they lied about my son, then said someone reported seeing my car swerving, then all 4 said I smelled of alcohol, (I blew 0.00) ,they all apparently lied about smelling alcohol on my breath and the car could be anyones because they didn't see me drive
Depends if they found drugs in your system, but yes, you can be convicted of a DUI with only prescription medication in...