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What happens if I do not complete ADETS in time?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DWI last February. I plead guilty and was sentenced to unsupervised prohibition, 24 hours of community service and 15 hours of ADETS. I completed my community service on time, however I have not completed ADETS. I received a notice that my license indefinitely extended on 1/19/17. I've paid for an assessment, but my ADETS won't be completed until mid March(past the time specified to complete it) What are the consequences to this? Will my license just be suspended until they receive a 508 form? Or will there be some fines or additional suspension?
Your license will remain suspended until NCDMV has received notice that you completed ADETS. You will then have to pay...
I have a DUI charge from 20+ years ago in Md. I live in NC. Can I have a lawyer represent me in court without being present ?
Typically yes but the attorney would certainly have to let you know. Here in NC you can enter a plea by waiver which...
Received a ticket for operating a motor vehicle under the influence under the age of 21. what will happen?
I took a breath test and blew a .05. There is nothing only my ticket about my BAC. Only that i had alcohol in my system while operating a motor vehicle under the age of 21.
That's all that is required to convict you under the law. You need to avoid posting any additional information about...
I was convicted of DWI level 5, on appeal due to not allowing my witness back at S.O. Is this a good appeals case?
I requested a blood test but deputy said if witness not here in specific time period we will go ahead with breath analyzer. They were there but did not allow back with me.
Without knowing all the facts it sounds like you might have some grounds for appeal. You should definitely consult with...
If you abscond from probation/drug court will you recieve your maximum suspended sentence?
For example my buddy has a 1-3 yr suspended sentence would he go do the year minimum or all 3?
If your buddy absconds, probation will certainly request revocation. If the judge agrees, he will receive whatever the...
Can you get out of dwi that you were never in the car for ? Just a witness saying you were driving?
Witness called cops and said I was driving and when police arrived I had had some drinks , so I got arrested for dwi
Depends on how reliable the witness' testimony is, where you were, what your breath alcohol was, how old you are.......
Can a habitual DUI be used as a trigger felony for a habitual DUI and habitual felon.
my husband just got 77 to 120 months for habitual DUI..the hit him with habitual felon because of it and I'm trying to help him get a appeal. But I need to know facts someone plz help..
That is an EXTRAORDINARILY COMPLEX legal issue that involves aspects of traditional DWI Defense and Habitual Felony...