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Can i beat a dwi if i refused the blow test?
This is my third dwi within 10 years i have two misdemeanor convictions in the past.
The prosecution does not need to have a chemical test in order to convict you of DWI. They can present evidence from...
Had a breath test that came back as .11 i had stopped drinking 2 hours before....would my blood test be lower?
had an accident...last drink was about 2:30a.m. breath test was done at approx. 4:30a.m. then blood was drawn. breath came back as .11 would my blood level be lower?
It depends how you were drinking. If you took multiple shots before you stopped at 2:30 your blood alcohol level may...
What will I be looking at for dwi mistermeanor, within 5 yrs and I already had a dwi felony in 1997
Passed out in parking lot was driving at the time keys might not have been in ignition
Because of your 2 priors you have to take this case to trial because it is not in your interest in any way to plead...
Do outta country dwi conviction have any standing in New York State, was arrested In 2002 but convicted in 2008
Also have a dwi felony in 1997 and just got another one last week. What would I be looking at
Facing a DWI Felony charge when you have a previous felony conviction in NY for DWI places you in jeopardy of facing...
Is it true that only felonies can transfer probation from NY to somewhere else?
I was told by someone at probation that misdemeanors do not transfer. I have one from an aggravated DWI.
That is correct! Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Past President, Criminal Courts Bar Association Hession Bekoff & Lo...
Legally, how long to I have to contact probation after sentencing? Or do they call me?
I received an aggravated dwi and was sentented to 3 years probation, 50 hours community, and fines. There was no verbal or written communication of what Im to do about probation. Id like to put it off for as long as I can without consequences. Will they notify me or am I legally, supposed to call them in a certain time after sentencing?
There is no putting it off. Contact probation immediately. If you stay on top of them they will be less likely to stay...
Should i get an attorney for a dwi charge?
I recently got a dwi, but I was at my house. I had 4 beers between 5-8 pm, drove approx. 20 miles, then got sucked into some snow and went off the road. I got a ride home. Later on a nys trooper and local officer showed up at my house, and proceeded to give me a sobriety test and breathalizer test in which i failed both. Then, took me to nys barracks and gave me my tickets.
You need an attorney. There are many issues both positive and negative on this fact pattern. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo,...