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Can I be charged with a DUI/DWI?
I was driving home from a party. After dropping off my friends, I pulled into a parking area on the side of the parkway to respond to a text. Two undercover cops questioned me when I got back in the car and notice open and unopened beers in my car (which I tried to hide by holding my hand over the empty bottle (I was very nervous)). They told me that they had no interest in issuing me a DUI. They repeatedly asked if I had cocaine, meth, and heroin, which I did not. They searched my car, and I voluntarily emptied my pockets to show that I had nothing. I overheard one of them tell the other that I was not the guy. They clearly saw the beers and all they said after was don't drink and drive. They didn't run/check my license or even ask my name and age. It seemed to me that they may have been DEA agents and not NYPD. Can I still get charged with a DUI/DWI or an open container violation?
No you will not be arrested after the fact. No field test or breath tests were administered or refused.
How can I resolve a DUI in Ohio from New York?
My husband had a DUI in Ohio over ten years ago and has been denied his NY driver's license. He has tried to contact the courts to resolve it, but they told him he has to appear in person because he has a warrant. We both work full time and are unable to travel to Ohio. Is there another way to resolve this from New York?
You should contact an attorney in the county in Ohio where the DWI occurred. Where I practice in New York it would be...
What are the possibilities to get off my dwi probation earlier?
catch a dwi while driving my motorcycle in westchester, ny unfortunately hit two pedestrians crossing the street in between cars (not in crosswalk) so by the the time i hit the brakes it was too late. thanks god everybody is ok minor scratches since i wasn't speeding. I've been doing anything they asked me too in probation all meetings and programs etc., someone told me i can apply to get off probation earlier since I've been in probation for 1 year and 8 months now and my probation terms is for 3 years. Its been crazy since I'm losing a lot here because they won't even give my license back and its been super expensive to keep up with my business having to hire a person to drive my around was an option but my business is slow right now, please help.
You can apply for early termination but your chances are slim to none.
What will happen to my license in NJ if DUI in NY?
I am being asked to install interlock and substance evaluation before court date. My license is from NJ where I had a prior dui in 2012. I am now facing the 2nd mistake of my life and no accidents occurred. Will my privileges to drive be suspended in NJ due to the 2 states communicating? It seems I will be given a conditional license/hardship license.
Conditional licenses are not usually given on second DWI cases; however, if you had a hearing, the judge may grant a...
Is it common for an aggregated dui case to be pushed back a year and a half? Is that a good sign or a bad one?
I blew over a .18 in upstate ny and my lawyer suggested we push it back till we see the grass growing. Is this the right tactic?
Criminal cases often take time to reach trial and delay is often good for a defendant. You seem to have a tough case...
Can I get a conditional license if my 5th dwi was 11 years ago.
I have 4 dwi and I dwai. My last one was in 2006. I have been through drug court etc. I am now finally at the point where I would like my license to travel to and from work but am told I have a life time ban,?=25 years. Is it forseeable to try and get a conditional before the 25 years is up.
Speak to DMV or a local DUI lawyer if Avvo attys can't help you.
Can you get a california liscense if you had one dui in florida 12 years ago?
i got a dui in florida 12 years ago i have not bothered to get a license because i had moved to nyc and did not need to drive. i am now moving to california and wanted to know if i could get one since its been so long?
I suggest that you re-post your question on the California Avvo page.