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First Offender/Criminal Record for a DUI
I came in under the first offender law in Delaware for a DUI, how does that affect my criminal record? I'm an out of state resident (in Virginia) Do I have to worry about background checks? Thanks,
If you completed the First Offender Program in Delaware, your case was then dismissed. Any record that goes beyond...
Why now? What options do I have in order to get my license?
DUI in Florida 11/01, Delaware resident at the time and currently. Trial was in absentia. Completed all requirements of probation, including substance abuse DUI specific, MADD session completed and community service. Obtained new license 2006, renewed license 2011, went to renew my license today and it was communicated that I could not get a regular license due to the concern in Florida. Called Florida DMV, they stated that I need a DUI certificate to clear this up.
Contact a local Florida DUI lawyer for help with this issue. They will be able to help you obtain all the necessary...
What can I do now? DE-MD mess
DE driver pulled over then changed with DWI in MD. MD lawyer accepted case and fee. Advised to do certain "MD" expected DUI related "classes", etc. Then told me I would need a DE lawyer for the DE part of this process. Shouldn't the MD lawyer have told me he could not take the case before accepting and continuing? NOT happy with lawyer.....NOT comfortable with process, NOT good outcome. Court date was March 2016. Received sentence and penance, etc.
I am not sure that I understand your question. If you were convicted of DUI in Maryland, then your conviction will be...
How much does it cost for a lawyer to defend you in a DUI case in the state of Delaware?
How much does it cost for a lawyer to defend you in a DUI case in the state of Delaware? Do lawyers provide a payment plan or do i have to pay up front or do you wait until the case is over? There was no accident involved and i got pulled over because the officer claimed that my radio was loud.
Each attorney sets his own pay scale. With no accident or injuries and assuming this is a first offense with no other...
How much will it cost for a lawyer to file a discovery and motion to dismiss if he sees lack of evidence for a DUI case.
Got pulled over for having loud music but got charged with a DUI in the process. Cop told me to get a lawyer and fight the case. Didn't get read my Miranda right and was taken home the same night by the cop but got my car towed and had to get it the next day. Already won the DMV hearing because he didn't show. Had applied for a public defender because i am sure that this case can get dismissed if i file a discovery and motion to suppress or dismissal to avoid trail and potential conviction but i wasn't eligible for a PD but my money is extremely tight and i don't think i can afford a private DUI lawyer. Is there anyone who i can hire that can help me and also have a fair rate with a payment plan to help me get this resolved?
We are not allowed to recommend specific attorneys on this site. Best advice is to use the Avvo "find a lawyer" tool...
How long will my delaware driving privileges be suspended for after completing required alcohol course and paying and fines.
I got a dui on november 22, 2012 in Delaware, but I have a Pennsylvania drivers license. I got found guilty of dui august 3,2015 under first offenders program. I have level 1 non reporting probation and I have just finished the drug and alcohol course.
Your Delaware driving privileges will be reinstated upon completion of the classes and payment of all fines and costs....
First time dui, blew .113. Need a license to get back and fourth to work. Is this possible in DE?
Never been in trouble with the law. Work for the state.
If you get offered the first offenders' program and opt for the ignition interlock device, you could actually not miss...