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How come my driving privileges were never suspended and why is there no IID restriction on my license except in the state of NY?
I was guilty of a DWI in NYC and sentenced to 6 months suspension and 12 months IID and I am a NJ resident w NJ drivers license...was just curious why I was able to drive the whole time in NJ and any other state I was in except for NY and why my license did not have a IID restriction on it except for in NY...reason I kno was because I had my license checked multiple times by my cousin a NJ state trooper n my good friend a PA state trooper and they said nothing showed up regarding a DWI suspension or IID...and I still have the IID installed in my car for another month...thought it was strange I was able to drive the whole 6 months I was suspended in NY and drive another car wout the IID for 12 months...thanks!!!
Hard to say. I do know from experience that Albany moves slowly. They could yet notify Trenton and you will suspended...
Will dropped misdemeanor charges affect chances of pharmacist licensing in New Jersey?
Hello, I am applying for a Pharmacist license in New Jersey and have submitted the paper work. I have a misdemeanor (DV) charge that was dropped (case sealed) in the state of NY in early 2015. I’d like to know if this will affect my licensing in NJ and if yes, how can I obtain good legal services? Thanks in advance.
Probably have no affect, even if someone can see that there was a charge. From what you say, however, it was sealed...
I am being sue for a dui accident from 2014. My insurance said they will handle the body injury part but not punitive part.
Second dui Hired a lawyer for it but it was only for the dui part not civil lawsuit Insurance said I should contact an attorney for my punitive part of the lawsuit
They are correct; you should hire a civil defense attorney immediately. Use this web site to search for attorneys in...
Is a DUI/DWI a misdemeanor in New Jersey? Or is it simply a traffic offense?
I was told that a DUI/DWI is a traffic offense rather than a misdemeanor in New jersey unlike most states. Is this true?
A DWI is a traffic offense rather than a criminal offense in Nj. However, it may affect immigration status.
Got a dui in NJ 7 years ago with an out of state license...
Will the NJ DMV lift the suspension they have on my former NJ license(I grew up in NJ) if I show proof of enrollment in another states dui program? There is no warrant or any further obligation to the courts.
Likely not consult w/ a NJ lawyer
Punlishing opera police reports on dui
I received a police report on a dui arrestt through an open records request on a third party I was uninvolved with the case. I learned about the arrest through the police botter in the newspaper. would it be legal for me to publish these documents on the internet, instagram, facebook as they are pubic records ? the information has been published in a newspaper already. my feeling is this is public information am I correct in that it is ok to publish these public records?
as long as you don't add any of your own commentary, you are only Publishing that which is already been published to...
Getting public records on dui conviction
I requested and was granted a request for public records on a dui arrest. it is not myself and I wasn't involved Im just interested and a third party. I received the arrest report tickets and synopsis of arrest. however now I want to know if the person was convicted of this dui. should I do another public request for records and ask for conviction ? would this be a public record also?
Yes. I think you should be able to get this without much difficulty if the individual was convicted.