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I got 2 DWI's in Wisconsin. My question is....is there any mandatory jail time for 2nd Dwi.
see above
Not sure if your question is regarding TN or Wisconsin, but in Tennessee there is a mandatory 45 days in jail for 2nd...
7 years from date of conviction or 7 years from date I completed probation??
On February 23rd, 2009, I received my final conviction for a gross misdemeanor theft charge. On the same date, I started my 2 year probation sentence, which I completed on February 23rd, 2011. I've been trying to a job at a company I would like to work at. On the employment application, it ask "have you ever been convicted of a crime in the past 7 years." My question is, do I count 7 years from conviction or do I count 7 years from when I completed probation?
It is always good to be honest in an employment application. Now, if it asks if you have been "convicted" in the past 7...
Foreigner who has problems with border-crossing for dismissed DUI - immigration
I got charged with a DUI last year and had my fingerprints taken. The case was dismissed in court and expunged accordingly. When crossing the border stateside my fingerprints showed up in the system on the live scan and I was taken to secondary screening. After explaining the situation and presenting all documents I was allowed in. The officer advised me however that this procedure will take place every time I will cross the border. It will not ban me from being permitted but it is still really discomforting especially on business trips. My question is if there is any way to have the fingerprints deleted in the system and if so, what procedure I would need to follow. Thank you very much in advance.
Depends what state you were arrested in. Some states like Washington will allow you to seal the records three years...
In the state of Tennessee will a bui conviction add to a dui conviction of offenses
I have plead guilty to 3rd offense dui and got a bui will that be first bui of 4th dui
It will be treated as a 4th DUI. Boating under the influence is nothing more than DUI on the water. The Boat is...
Restricted license while self employed?
In the state of TN, if you are given a restricted license due to a DUI, what are the limits to "driving to and from work"? I am self employed and work out of my home, but have meetings outside of my home on a regular basis. Do I need to rent an office space for a year, or would it be possible to attend meetings in public places (coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) with a restricted license?
You should consult with an attorney in the appropriate county–either the Tennessee county where the DUI offense...
I'm not entitled a court appointed lawyer and do not have the finances to hire a private lawyer for my case. What should I do?
I would like to state that I have never been in trouble with the law before and up until this incident I was working to jobs, volunteering with the big brothers of Chattanooga and attempting to go back ot school. I have lost my day job(main source of income) because I can not be insured with a dui and have no one to go to for financial help. As for details of what happened I went by my work and pckedi up my money from the weelend before and decied I'd go across the street and watch the game. I had two rounds of happy hour beers over the course of 2 hours. Waited till the game ended and left. I got pulled over for my headlight beig out, not for speeding, driving erratic, or anything of the nature. I was cooperating and consented to everything because I believed I was in the legal limite.
Do your best to understand the procedures you will undergo and ask the judge and the state to do their best to explain...
I was recently arrested for 1st DUI based upon canned air cans in my car.I had no means to contact my family because of their
restriction to collect calls.A missing persons report was filed by my family, but got NO response.. I spent 5 days in jail with no medical attention despite serious health issues and 100% disability.After the wreck the other driver was enraged, hit my side glass with fist several times, then climbed on top of my hood ,threatened to "kill" me and then broke my windsheild with his fist.The responding officer gave me the nystigmus test repeatedly,ostensibly unsatisfied with his observations.One leg stand and heel/toe tests were impossible for me because of my disabilities. He was informed of them prior to any tests.I was taken to the hospital where they were unable to get blood in sufficient amounts. Should I file assault charges on the other driver?Can I lose my license before conviction?
You will not lose your license before conviction.I don't think you would probably prevail on an assault charge due to...