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I was convicted of DWI in2002 and in2006. Do I qualify to serve on jury in Galveston county?
I served out probation on both and neither was felony DWI, the second was misdemeanor A
Since it was not a felony conviction the answer is yes. Next one will be a felony
My license was suspended in November 2013 for 3rd DWI. I need to obtain an occupational license ASAP due to probation.
My license was suspended in Williamson County, TX. I currently live in Galveston, TX. Can i go through the courts here in Galveston to do this and am I eligible? How much is the cost?
I have no idea what the filing fees are there (you can probably find them on the district clerks website). You can get...
When can one file for an expunction after completing the pretrial intervention program (PTIP) for a DWI in Galveston County?
And does an expunction after PTIP dismissal differ from an expunction after a simple court dismissal of the case? Thanks!
Once you have completed the program and the case is dismissed you can file for the expunction. Good Luck
Why do I have a class a misdemeanor and not b for a first time offense dwi?
I was looking at my charges and it said I received a Class A misdemeanor. My friend had a dwi and hers was Class b... This is my first dwi. I've had a minor in consumption but it was expunged from my record and 5 years ago..
My guess is that you gave a breath test or a blood test, and the result was over .15. That would cause the class B...
How long until you find something out about a dwi?
I was arrested on the 26th of September. I still haven't heard anything yet. What am I supposed to do? Will they mail me anything?
Consulting with an attorney should be your first priority. An attorney can advise you of the normal course of cases in...
Is four years probation a good sentence for 3 DWI's and having a prior felony conviction for drug possession in 2001?
3rd DWI happen in Williamson County, TX.
In most of the counties in which I practice, that would be a very good outcome based on the few facts given.
I feel as if I live in the movie "Groundhog Day". I'll abbreviate the DUI and focus on the salient issues. I got a DUI is NC.
This was on May 23, 2011. I have since moved back to Texas is September 2012. I have had seventeen court dates and seventeen continuances. Some my lawyers schedule, some the court and some mine with health issues. I have driven back once and the judge took the afternoon off. I've had two plane tickets canceled at the last minute. I was called on the way to the airport about postponement. I have spent a night in jail, paid $100 for my license return, had my driving revoked for thirty days and paid a lawyer $4,300 so far. I believe that a speedy trial motion should be filed but it seems to fall on deaf ears with my lawyer. I shouldn't fly due to health reasons. My car was totaled in May. I am using a friends rundown truck until I can afford to buy a reliable car. What can I do?
OK fine to file speedy trial motion, but probably a total waste of time. It is time for a 2d opinion from an...