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Did alcohol roadside blow test. Positive results. Denied field sobriety. Did not deny breathalyzer. Help?
Arrested for DUI. Did a ride side alcohol blow test. Positive for traces of alcohol. Refused field sobriety test. Taken to jail, was not given breathalyzer or blood test. Is there enough evidence to be charged with DUI without BAC results?
Yes there is sufficient evidence, please hire an attorney ASAP.
Plead Nolo for a Marijuana DUI and Poss. Under Ounce charge? First time offender. Need help! Going in alone.
Hello, I was pulled over for failure to maintain lane, but the officers found marijuana on my passenger and I. I was arrested for Marijuana DUI, Possession under an Ounce, and failure to maintain lane. I'm a first time offender and have never had any trouble with the law. All three charges misdemeanors. I cannot afford a lawyer or a public defender so I'm doing this all myself. I'm a college student with a job and I absolutely need to drive. I was told I could plead Nolo and save myself from the charges that way, as well as enrolling in a diversion program. I don't mind probation, as long as I can still drive and go to work and school. What should I plead? Nolo Contendre? First Offender? I was arrested by Hiram, GA and housed by Paulding County. I need help/answers, I'm going in blind!
Court appointed attorneys/public defenders cost the client (yourself) little to nothing-usually a $50 application fee...
I got a dui in 2000 in south Carolina. I got another dui in paulding county Georgia in 2012. Twelve years apart.
The prosecutor is asking that I do 30 days. I have a child that is handicapped, who has multiple seizures. Can I serve my time on the weekends so I can care for my son during the week.
Completely up to the Judge. If you do not have a lawyer yet, you certainly need one. Either apply for a court-...
Arrested for DUI in a convenience store parking lot while off the vehicle due to not being able to walk after disability issue
I'm physically disabled due to being a lower leg amputee and I must use a device such as a prosthetic leg, wheel-chair or crutches to get around, usually the prosthetic leg and handle it OK. One evening I was coming from a friends place on my motorcycle, stopped at a convenience store, went in, came back out, attempted to get back on the motorcycle and at that time the prosthetic leg malfunctioned which then caused me to drop the motorcycle on it's side. They helped me pick it up and park it, I couldn't walk due to the bad prosthesis, so they asked me to call for a ride home, I did, but someone also called the cops, they showed up before my ride did, smelled where I had drank some beer earlier, and charged me with DUI, I refused the breathalyzer, what are my chances of this being reduced?
Your chances depend upon many more factors than you can list here. Whatever your chances are on your own, they are...
Can a off duty in his personal car follow me on to my driveway for a suspected dui?
Was driving home at 5am & had a SUV tailgating me to the point I was blinded by headlights. Tapped my brakes twice to inform the SUV he was to close. 10mins later I pulled in my driveway followed by the SUV. Before I was able to get out of my truck, I was yanked out by a gentleman that never once identified himself as a Douglas county cop
Arguably, yes. But the attorney you hire may have grounds to challenge.
Why is my liscense still suspended when the cop did not show up to my liscense hearing?
I was pulled over for not having my headlights on at dusk, my girlfriend and i the officer smelled alcohol my girlfriend was drunk i was not but had drank a beer earlier. I refused all the test and waa took to jail for DUI. However i did hire an attorney and he seems to think that the case is very weak. And should be dropped or lowered. However for my liscense hearing the arresting officer never came to court. So will my liscense still be suspended due to me not blowing or submitting to any test.
Can't say for sure without knowing the facts. But ask your attorney, I mean, that's why you're paying him / her.
What is the next step in keeping a license after DUI arrest?
Last Friday my boyfriend was arrested for a DUI. He had two beers and fell asleep behind the wheel since he worked two jobs the day of and ran off the road. He did not submit to the breathalyzer, but had the blood test done. After bail, they gave him his license back and he got a rental car through his insurance. His court date is not until September, but my sister said her friend had his license suspended immediately after getting out of jail. I checked on our state's DDS site & it says his license is valid, but we are concerned as for how long. He has a job that requires driving, but he uses his own vehicle and insurance. I have heard that we need to plea to the DDS to keep his license, but if it is currently valid, should we do anything? This is his second DUI, the first one got dropped to reckless driving two years ago...just not sure how hard they are going to come down even though he wasn't charged legally with a DUI the first time.
He needs to hire an attornrey ASAP! In addition to the criminal case, his license will be suspended through an...