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Does the arresting officer have to be present in court for a dui case?
does the arresting officer have to be present in court in a dui case? because he wasn't and when I asked the judge, prosecuting attorney they totally blew me off? And another officer came in and said he was there for the prosecution and was not on seen or even working when the arrest happened in fact the only officer on duty was my arresting officer! And he was no where to be found not in the court or building! When brought to the attention again that I wanted to know if my arresting officer was supposed to be present I was again blown off! So what should I do? I thought I had the right to ask my arresting officer questions but the prosecutor flat out denied me of that! Do I have any rights on this and can I do any thing about it??
If you were at court for an appearance or an arraignment, then no the officer does not have to be there. If you pleaded...
Can i get a license suspension for dui removed from my record since i was not convicted of dui?
I got a dui in june 2015. All charges were dropped last year( i l live in wv) . I completed the wv dmv interlock program, and never lost my privilege to drive, just had a restricted license for the req time period. No conviction is on my driving record, but it does state suspended license due to dui , even though no conviction. Is there a way to have this removed? I am trying to go back to school for my cdl
Unfortunately not. A general copy of a driving record one gets at a local DMV goes back five years.
Is taking a bite of a "pot brownie" then spitting it out considered possession?
My 15 year old grand-daughter is facing an expulsion hearing tomorrow for admitting to taking a bite of a "pot brownie" (the drug test was inconclusive) then spitting it out. Is this considered possession?
Did she know the brownie had pot in it? If so then yes she possessed it.
Will I be able to get a DUI 1st offense dropped due to several trial continuances?
I was arrested at 3 am on June 4 for 1st offense DUI and reckless driving. I spent 32 days in a regional jail. My lawyer has talked my aggravated DUI down to a misdemeanor. He has also failed to show for court multiple times. I have had my case continued 5 separate times in 8 months.
The "one year rule" on misdemeanors in which for the State to take a case to trial does not apply to time periods and...
What kind of Attorney do I need?
I pled guilty to a felony in 2015, on probation and day report. Applied and got employed by a big corporation, day report officer showed up wanted to do a random drug test, security denied her access and she called corporate to complain on how she was treated and company terminated my employment since it was brought to their attention that I was a convicted felon..
In an at-will employment state you may have a serious uphill battle. Your employer may have been able to fire you for...
Dui public defender?
What kind of plea bargain can a public defender get a person who has a 1 st offence dui? But the person has previously already had a 1st offence dui 2 years before.....so now would the prosecutor find the first offense dui and would they turn it into a 2 offense dui? Could you be charged with a 1 st offense dui again? Please help!!
It sounds like you are represented by a public defender. You should ask the defender your questions. We simply do not...
Can cps take my kids for failing for weed in wv
Failed drug test for weed
You wouldn't be the first to lose their kids over weed.