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TThe 25 year look back dmv has if i wait until 2022 will mt arrest in 96 be a factor?
I have 3 dwi convictions 96 99 and 2011 with the 25 yearlook back if I wait until 2022 will the arrest in 1996 be a factor .? Do they lookback 25 years from last arrest date or the 2011 arrest so if I wait until 2022 to apply . Will they consider it two arrest or 3 all together is the 25 year lookback from last arrest date or the date I reapply example if I WAIT UNTIL 2022 TO APPLY WILL I BE ABLE TO DRIVE WITH NO INTERLOCK DEVICE or do theg consider the 25 year lookback from last arrest datr and then 25 years back from last arrest date
I suggest you read the decision in Matter of Allen at: http://law.justia.com/cases/new-york/other-courts/2014/2014-...
II was last arrested in 2011 for dwi .with the 25 yr lookback if ? Will they go back to 1997 ? Or start from 2011 no matter how
Dwi information question was arrested back in 96 and 99 and 2011 woth the 26 year lookback will thw one from 1996 be a factor if i wait till 2022 to reapply 0r do they lookback 25 years from last arrrst date not actual date example ir i apply in 2022 will 1996 arrest be a factor
I have no idea what your question is. The sentences don't seem to be coherent or make any kind of sense. Please revise...
I am a tourist arrested for DWI. Is this going to affect my future visits to the US?
I got pulled over right before going back to my country because of exceeding the speed limit (76 in a 40mph road) in NY. I was then arrested for DWI and my BAC is 0.10. An attorney from public defender's office said he'll be with me at the court. Now I am back home country but I will be back at the court 2 weeks later. I am wondering if I plea guilty can I get reduce the penalties. I want this to be considered as a violation so my records can still be clean? (I am not sure about that) so it wouldn't affect my next trips or visa. I want to show them that I came back and I am a responsible citizen. I also have no criminal record background, not even a parking ticket. I am thinking of getting my criminal record state which is empty, from my country (in English) to show that I am not a bad person. What are the worst and best consequences? what actions should I take? I want this case to be over in the court. Please help me get over this incident with a best consequence I can have. Thank you.
May take a little bit of a dance, but your attorney should be able to negotiate a non criminal violation here. That is...
If I'm on Section 8 and I go to jail what happens to my section 8?
I got incarcerated for driving endangering the welfare of a child . I was on drug court for 2 years and they finally arrested me for driving. I was sentenced to one year in Monroe County Jail
I think you might find helpful the information at: https://www.reentry.net/ny/help/item.2912-Housing_and_Reentry
When catching a DWI dose a car get flagged to constantly get pulled over
I was driving my mom car and got pulled over and caught a dwi so now she saying her car is going to be flagged and now she's always ggoing to get pulled over
I have never heard of that. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Is it illegal for a company to refuse to give me (or even show me) a copy of an agreement that I signed
I recently took the GRE and upon receiving my score believed that I was unfairly graded on the essay portion of the test. ETS the company that puts out the test was quick to offer me the chance to have it rescored if I paid them more money. I said I would like a copy of my essay so that I can look it over and see if I feel strongly enough to pay for a regrade. They refused saying it was not allowed as it would somehow make the test insecure (even though they release the entire test bank of questions prior to the test and will sell you copies of real test examples along with the scoring guidelines). I said I was never made aware that I was signing over my work to become the sole property of ETS and unless you can show me the agreement I signed before the test with that information on it, and my signature I should be entitled to a copy of it. They simply said you can not have a copy of the agreement. I have poked many many holes in their arguments but what this really comes down to is that they are refusing to show me an agreement that I signed with them as a way to not have to explain their refusal to give me a copy of my work. What does the law say about this?
I would say they have a right to have the test secured. The fee you paid was to take the exam. I am sure there is...
Can I sue my methadone clinic over not telling me I had tested positive for Hepatitis B until 13 months after I took the test
I've been in this drug recovery program since October 2015. Haven't failed a drug test since they put me in the methadone clinic in February 2016. They told me I was negative for HIV & Hepatitis C but neglected to tell me I was positive for Hepatitis B which I didn't even know they tested for. Now I'm afraid of Liver and/or Kidney damage as a result. I'm very afraid & haven't been able to sleep for the entire week since they told me. I'm extremely distressed about this.
Why haven't you gone to a doctor in this weeks time?