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How do i stay out of jail on my 5th dui?
I just got my fifth dui. It was my first in over 9 years. 1 was in Hawaii. I also was already punished for the other dui by fines and classes. Which I did complete. I am going into my last semester at school to get my bachelors degree. I can not afford to go to jail. Since i was punished for the other dui's, are they still going to hold these against me? What's my best option for staying out of jail?
There are a lot of unanswered questions here. Was your last DUI a felony (4th)? This one would be a felony also then....
Should I have sent court papers showing I had 3 prior dui's in my past? I am petitioning for my husband's Ir1/CR1 visa.
I am the petitioner for my husband's IR1/CR1 visa. I have had 3 prior dui's in my past. I already asked here and found out that my dui's should not affect my husband's case, unless, I have a history of domestic violence, or child abuse history, which I do not. I was also advised to tell my husband about my history just in case he is asked at his interview, which I did. My question now is, was I supposed to send in court documentation or police report showing my history? There was no requirement that I saw that listed my criminal history be sent in. I would just like to confirm. We are at the NVC stage and are awaiting an interview date. Thank you.
No, you should not be required to send those court papers to the NVC, but if they request them you may send them.
If I go and reopen the case can I plead not guilty, because I was not even there July 4th, 2013 at 12:45 AM
I was arrested for DUI back in 2013. I have completed my classes, almost paid off my fine, did my jail time, and now I tried to get my drivers license back, DMV will only give me a temporary license because the district attorney recorded the wrong date, and DMV will not give me credit and have to wait until April 21, 2016 to get my unrestricted license back. After numerous calls to DMV, multiple trips to the court house and the D.A's office I found out that the original date on my ticket is wrong. I was pulled over July 4, 2013, at 11:45 PM. By the time I was arrested it was 12:15 AM, July 5th. The arresting officer wrote on the ticket July 4th @ 12:15 AM. My lawyer at the time did not notice this mistake and he and the other lawyer are no longer working for the firm that I had hired to help me. When contacting the firm that they used to work for, the firm is not willing to help me with my current situation. I was told the only way to fix this problem is ask for the court to reopen the case because the case has been closed.
If your prior attorney will not help you, it sounds like you should hire another local attorney to get the job done......
I got a dui and when i went to court i learn that theyre charging it as my third dui from a different county
i got my first dui and i wasnt even given a plea deal and am goin to trial.. what can i do
I'm not sure I understand your question. You can be charged with priors from other counties or states for that matter....
Got a 2nd DUI on a suspended license
Will I have to serve jail time if I got a 2nd DUI on a suspended license? They didn't do any test on me because I refused. They asked me questions and I answered with "I do not recall" or "I would like to remain silent." What happened was, they looked into my background and noticed I've gotten a DUI previously and booked me. Also, my vehicle was never impounded. What would be my sentence? What should I do? How do I lower the charges? Thank You!
You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you to minimize time in custody. If you cannot afford...
1st timer DUI and haven't been charged yet. Do I start my dui classes or wait until I'm being charged?
I was arrested in May 2015 and was given a court date. 3 months later, I went in and they said I was not being charged yet so for me to do a follow-up and call every 3 weeks. It's almost 5 months now. Do I start my DUI classes now or do I have to wait until I'm being convicted? Also, when will I get my license back or get it unsuspended? -Thanks.
You need to go meet with a DUI attorney in your area. The DMV probably suspended your license. If you want a...
Can I possibly win my underage DUI case if an officer didnt have a good reason to stop me?
it was around 2:30am and I just exit out the freeway. That was when I got pulled over by 2 officers. He came and asked for my DL and registration and didn't say anything of why I was stopped Until I asked. He said I took a couple seconds to turn right the the stoplight when it turned green and said I was hitting the bumps on the road. I told him that I was merging slowly to the slow lane. He then said that I was driving slow on the slow lane, and I told him aren't I suppose to and he agreed. He also added that I didn't realize they were behind me and took a couple seconds to stop. That was because they didn't have their HEADLIGHTS ON, but when they turned on the siren i did stop. It was pitch black and had no clue they were following me for 1-2 mi. I took the breathlyzer in the end.
The answer is possibly, yes. If an officer does not observe any violation of the law, he does not have probable cause...