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1st timer DUI and haven't been charged yet. Do I start my dui classes or wait until I'm being charged?
I was arrested in May 2015 and was given a court date. 3 months later, I went in and they said I was not being charged yet so for me to do a follow-up and call every 3 weeks. It's almost 5 months now. Do I start my DUI classes now or do I have to wait until I'm being convicted? Also, when will I get my license back or get it unsuspended? -Thanks.
You need to go meet with a DUI attorney in your area. The DMV probably suspended your license. If you want a...
Can I possibly win my underage DUI case if an officer didnt have a good reason to stop me?
it was around 2:30am and I just exit out the freeway. That was when I got pulled over by 2 officers. He came and asked for my DL and registration and didn't say anything of why I was stopped Until I asked. He said I took a couple seconds to turn right the the stoplight when it turned green and said I was hitting the bumps on the road. I told him that I was merging slowly to the slow lane. He then said that I was driving slow on the slow lane, and I told him aren't I suppose to and he agreed. He also added that I didn't realize they were behind me and took a couple seconds to stop. That was because they didn't have their HEADLIGHTS ON, but when they turned on the siren i did stop. It was pitch black and had no clue they were following me for 1-2 mi. I took the breathlyzer in the end.
The answer is possibly, yes. If an officer does not observe any violation of the law, he does not have probable cause...
Can a officer drive with their headlights off while following you? isn't that a much greater violation than driving erratically?
I was on my way home from a party. The highway I was on was pitch black. As I hit town, I somehow realized something was behind me but wasn't sure So I slowed down a Bit. That was when they turned on their headlights and sirens. Therefore, I got pulled over and was charge for DUI. I asked the officer if I was being arrested and he said yes, but didn't even say my miranda rights. He also didn't have a good reason of why I was stopped and didn't mention it until I asked. He also didn't mention I have a choice to take or not take the breathlyzer. This is my very first offense and first time being stopped, so I had no idea what I was facing. Can I use this to drop my DUI charge? I am 19.
Driving drunk is generally viewed as more dangerous than an officer driving without lights to catch the drunk driver....
Can police tow and impound a car i was driving ,is someone elses after stopping at s check point , no DUI, only susprndef lic
I was driving in Atwater Cal, came across a check point, the car is my boyfrieds, my drivers lic is suspended, i was not intoxicated at all the cop told me car well be impounded for 30
Yes because you were driving with a suspended license, which is a misdemeanor. You will need to consult with an...
Arrested for DUI and resisting. Can I get the Resisting drop and plead to the DUI?
I was called on for a disturbance. I had been drinking most of the day. I was pulled over and arrested for DUI. I haven't got to read the report, not sure if they told me why they stopped me. I was out of it.. I was told that I resisted. I was a high BA. I hardly recall the incident. I need to get the resisting dropped to keep my job, I will plead to DUI as I was driving. I probably make too much for a public defender. I cant afford an attorney, I spoke with one and it was $3,000. I work with LE and want to keep my job. I've been there 26 1/2 years.
Call Peter Marek in Stockton after searching for him here on avvo. He's one of the best and will provide excellent...
My juvenile son (14) got arrested for driving while intoxicated. Do I need a lawyer?
My son who is 14 decided to ride his mini bike on the street after he and some friends were drinking. He got arrested and had .03 BAC level. They released him to us that night and didn't hear anything for about 6 months. We talked to the probation officer who didn't feel that he should get more than probation, but I can't be sure of that. I'm sure they will not allow him to get a license and that sort of thing, but do I need legal representation in court? His court date is next week. Please advise...Thank You.
absolutely you should get an attorney. I have handled these cases many times before. This case should go to juvenile...
What do I do if I got a DUI?
I was driving and was still able to drive but the cop told me I was drunk. I do not believe I was drunk. I only had a glass of wine. I am over 21.
Since the police has accused you of (and presumably arrested you for) a crime, a DUI, contact the best greater Bay...