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New Jersey DUI, DWI, and Nursing School Clinical, Professional Licenses ?
I have just been accepted to an RN program in Nj, which is where I reside. I received a dui about 5 years ago in WV. I went into a first timers program, which in exchange allowed the charges to be dismissed and I am now eligible to have it expunged. (Working on that now) I have no other offenses. Never been in trouble besides that one encounter. My school is currently doing a background check. My question is if this charge shows up on my record, will the hospitals/school that I am doing rotations at prevent me from participating because of this charge? Also...a dui is a motor vehicle offense in the state of Nj, but it is a misdemeanor in WV where I got the charge at. Will Nj look at it as a traffic offense or will they still count it as a misdemeanor because that is what it was charge as in WV?
It is neither a traffic offense nor a misdemeanor if you expunge the charge. If it is a typical program you were not...
Is a teachers license revoked after 3 DUIs in 10 years? If so, is it permanent or is it possible to get it back?
3 DUIs in 10years. First was 9 years, 9 months ago. 2nd was 8 years ago. I am going to court August 17th. I am a teacher -will my teaching license be revoked if and when I am convicted? If it is revoked, is that forever? Or will I be able to get it back when the 1st and 2nd DUIs are cleared from my record?
The first and second DWI's do not clear from your record. They stay forever and cannot be expunged. These are motor...
Certification of Disposition on DWI
I feel foolish asking, but will anyway. My ex got DWI and his cert of disposition says: IDRC 12h, LREK 2y, INST 1y, Jail 2d, CSER 30 day. finding guilty. He told me that this is not final and that after he is thru with 16 weeks of IDRC, they will determine how long he lost his license for. how can this be ? I think he is lying.
I would concur that he is also lying.
Are Dwi convictions public record ?
looking for NJ DWI convtiction record. I know it happened in NJ but not sure which town. Can you assist? thank you
It is a public record - on the driving abstract, not criminal.
Can I be released from drug court early by using a attorney??
I asked my attorney already. He told me to go talk to the prosector but I think he was just brushing me off. I'm on phase 4 and I been on it for 8 months. It will be 4yrs I been on drug court in June. I've witness people get off as early as 2.5 yrs while having multiple sanctions on there record. I got my first sanction yesterday for alcohol ( I celebrated starting my own trucking company with family and I drank). I'm not even really a drinker, nor I have I ever used drugs. All the drug court officers and judge knows this. They spoke of it to me behind close doors. I've done outstanding in this program up until yesterday. This program is getting in the way now.. How can I get out?
Doesn't sound like your chances of success are so good now that you have a sanction, but you can always follow your...
How do I fight a DUI case against me and also get my license back?
I went out to party in NYC had a few extra drinks, decided to drive the friend (he had a few drinks as well) back home in NJ. I got stopped by a traffic police for turning right at a red light (illegal in NYC; legal in NJ, if "no turn on red" sign is not posted). Officer performed a breath analyzer test and reported the alcohol level was 0.11 (legal limit is 0.08). I was taken to the station for further tests and I failed the breath analyzer test but passed the coordination test. I kept a clean driving record since I started driving at age 17. This is my first time offence. The judge suspended my license in NY and I am going to presume that it is suspended in NJ as well. The date of the case has been set for 3/15, I have been asked to take the alcohol abuse screening scheduled for thursday 2/2. I would like to know if I have a fighting chance of staying out of prison and also any chance I can get my license back also if I can reduce these charges to something a bit closer to a violation taking into consideration my driving record also my work / academic standing?.
Get local DUI/DWI counsel involved before moving further to best liit the negative fallout from that night.
Dui case
DUI case
Is there a specific question regarding a DUI case you are looking for input on? If you are facing a DUI, do your...