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Charged with DWI. Didnt receive any discovery after requesting for a week. Is this ground for dismissal ?
I am charged with DWI. I have requested for discovery but didnt receive it after a week. The court date is coming up. Is this a ground for dismissal. Can I file a motion to dismiss ?
Not on your life. Try coming every month for six months and then maybe, but don't count on it then. DWI without a...
Charged with DWI. Original court date - April 4th. Received court notice - court date changed to April 4th - same as original dt
I am charged with DWI. My original court date is April 4th on the ticket. I received a notice from court that the court date is changed to April 4th. But I dont understand what has changed as its the same court date and time. Is this an error ? Do I notify the court the court date is the same and nothing changed. I am requesting to push back the court date by 30 days to receive discovery and review the discovery and discuss it with expert
The judge wants you there for a first appearance and to be arraigned (charged with the offense and told of the...
1st DUI dismissed. 3 years ago, but just got another DUI 2 weeks ago
If the 1st DUI was dismissed and I wasn't charged. Then this new DUI should count as my 1st one in court correct? If I am convicted ?
The only thing that counts our convictions. Thus, if you have no other DWI convictions, this would be your first. I...
How do I proceed?
Hey. I'm in the conditional discharge program in Bergen County NJ. I went for my drug test two Wednesdays ago. I received a call from my PO that I passed for marijuana, (my charge), but not for benzos. I have NEVER taken any benzos, including Xanax and that crap. My PO said to come in this upcoming Wednesday, but I received a letter in the mail asking me to appear in court April 11th. Are the courts automatically notified of a failed drug test? What can I do? I'm going to see my PO like she asked on Wednesday, (though she won't return my phone calls) and am willing to take the most comprehensive drug test they have, because I have not smoked nor done any benzos. Are false positives common? Should I be getting an outside test to prove my innocence? I'm truly at a loss for what to do, because I swear on my life and my whole families lives, I do not take any benzos.
1) Get yourself a lawyer or hire the lawyer you had in the past if you were happy with him/her 2) Get yourself tested...
Can i get a new york dwai off my new jersey driving record as a dui
i was charged in new york state with a dwai blowing below a .08 and came off my record in new york and it now shows up on my new jersey drivers license as a dui
You can't get it off. A DWAI is considered in NJ a DWI and it will stay on your driving record for life. Thus the...
Will I go to jail for violating my conditionally discharged probation by failing my first drug test?
End of November I got arrested for possesion of less than 50g of marijuana and paraphernalia, first time offender. I did not stop smoking at that time like I should have. I have stopped smoking Now but I have 20 days till my first court date, where I assume I will be starting my probation period. Knowing my smoking habit I am not sure I will pass the test. So is it possible to delay this first court date on the 31st so that I can be completely clean by the next court date. Or should I keep this court date and play it out with the PO saying that I haven't smoked in 30+days which by the time I get tested it would be true, and that I'm trying to get clean but I used to be a heavy smoker?
I would suggest that if you had/have a lawyer for your case you ask him or her this question as they will know your...
If My friend got a DUI in NJ and the NY application is asking him if He's ever gotten convicted of a crime, say yes or no?
My friend is applying for state licensure to be a Cota. He got charged with a DUI in New Jersey does that mean it's a crime in New York? To get his license in NY it's asking him if hes ever been convicted of a crime (felony, misdemeanor) should He say yes or no?
In New Jersey a driving under the influence conviction is considered a traffic offense not a criminal violation....