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  • Hunterdon County has spike in burglaries

    Thursday | via Courier News 

    Hunterdon County has spike in burglaries Hunterdon County is experiencing a spike in home burglaries in the past month, Check out this story on mycentraljersey.com: http://mycj.co/2aeUqE8 FLEMINGTON - Hunterdon County is experiencing a spike in home burglaries in the past month, Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns III said on Thursday. The prosecutor said increased drug use may be a factor in the number of burglaries.


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  • N.J. man wanted to buy a gun online, but got arreste...

    Thursday Jul 14 | via NJ.com 

    HILLSBOROUGH - A township man was arrested in an undercover sting operation when he attempted to purchase a handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition online. On Monday, the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office received information that Julian Asaph Dale, 21, was reportedly trying to arrange the purchase of a handgun and ammunition online, Acting Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson said in a news release Thursday.


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  • Somerville man charged with child porn

    Wednesday Jul 13 | via Courier News 

    Somerville man charged with child porn A Somerville man is being held at the Somerset County Jail after he was arrested on child porn charges Check out this story on mycentraljersey.com: http://mycj.co/29Q7LHA Woman dies after falling at the Grand Canyon; Keyport woman injected 15 year old with heroin causing an overdose; David Cameron's Brexit SOMERVILLE - A borough man is in Somerset County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail after he was arrested and charged Tuesday with distribution of child pornography. Halil Sahin, 39, of North Doughty Avenue, was charged with second-degree distribution of child pornography, third-degree endangering the welfare of a child and third-degree possession of child pornography.


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  • 7 accused of burglarizing vehicles in the Mendhams

    Friday Jul 1 | via The Jersey Journal 

    MENDHAM - Seven people have been arrested for burglarizing motor vehicles in Mendham Borough and Mendham Township, according to police in the two municipalities. On at least two occasions in early June during the overnight hours, the defendants drove around the township and borough and entered numerous unlocked parked motor vehicles, stealing personal belongings with a total value of more than $800, police said.


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  • Annie Beekman, Strangled. Part Two

    Jun 29, 2016 | via Courier News 

    Annie Beekman, Strangled. Part Two In the front room are Johnson and his wife, along with the Somerset County Prosecuter, Constable Moore, and railroad... Check out this story on mycentraljersey.com: http://mycj.co/2901NOe The home of Jacob Johnson, south of Somerville, NJ, Sunday, September 15, 1895.


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Hillsborough Law

My boyfriend was just arrested for a DUI and we are leaving for Jamaica in a week. He has not been to court yet. Can he still go
It is a first offense. How long until he loses his license?
Before you resign yourself to a loss of license, you should consult with an attorney that has experience fighting DWI...
Underage drinking loss of driver's license NJ Lawyer
hey i got an underage drinking ticket, i was under 21 at the time, now i am 21 a few months later. i pled not guilty and have a rescheduled court date; because the cop was not there. i have read on the police report that it says that i said" i had one to two beers" which i didnt say. i do not have a lawyer or public defender, and in my town apparently you can lose your license for a month to 6 months for underage drinking. i live in hillsborough, nj. i do not wanna lose my license for a month let alone 6 and the prosecutor said that if i get proven guilty he will push for 6 months. what should i do?? thanks!! james
We would need much more information than you can post here to answer your question. (You should not post any more...
Can I change my license to a non DLC state while I am awaiting my court date for a DUI
I had an accident and received a dui as a resident of NJ, I know NJ is so very strict on everything that them bending the slightest isn't going to happen. After talking with a lawyer briefly today he said it would take a minimum of 4 months before I went to court for them to suspended my license. With that being said I still have a valid license and have not been convicted of anything yet. Can I get a GA or other non DLC license before I go to court and it is suspended? If so, when I do go to court, NJ will not be able to suspend my non DLC license unless that state so chooses? Assuming this is all possible and worked, would I be able to drive in all the states with my GA license without having to worry about getting pulled over in NJ and arrested for a suspended license? Thank you.
If you are represented by counsel then you should check with that attorney. That being said, your proposal is not...
Does somerset county have a community service program for driving on suspended for a previous dwi how middlesex county does?
I was pulled over and ticketed for Driving while suspended, failure to maintain lane, failure to use signal. I was recently suspended for my first time DWI. This occurred in manville which is somerset county.
More information is needed to fully answer your question but: Get the best lawyer you can find you're looking at jail...
How can I make the Prosecutor understand that it was ME who was driving- not him?
I have a friend that was arrested for a third drunk driving charge in NJ. But in this particular circumstance he was not driving- I was. He and I had gotten into an argument while driving to a condominium dumpster to dump garbage. At the dumpster I had walked out of the car while running and walked about the 100 yards to my condo. While I was gone the police showed up and questioned my friend. They said they smelt alcohol on his breath. he admitted to a glass of wine at dinner with me. The police administered the tests for intoxication. He passed. He was then arrested for drunk driving- taken to the station for a breathalizer test. he registered .10- He knew I would have calmed down and returned to drive him. When the police showed up he was at least a couple yards from the car. Looking for scrap metal in the dumpster. When I had arrived home I realized that I had to go back to drive him- the police had already made the arrest and took him in. He was ticketed and was released to his roommate. We hired a DWI attorney. The Attorney said there was nothing we could do even tho he was not driving the car. NJ has a 6mo jail and a 10 year loss of license. He is a contractor-his living
Your first problem was hiring one attorney if both of you were involved in the matter. 2 Defendants should never have...
Why cops asked me about my employer during DWI arrest?
During DWI arrest cops asked me about my employer name and address. Why? I work for private company and my work is not associated with driving in any way. Is anybody (cops, court etc) required to report my arrest to the employer?
Yes you may be working at the time for the government for which reporting of the arrest and incident could be required.
Can Information discovered during discovery by a DWI consultant (expert) be used to dismiss or lessen a DWI charge?
First offense DWI, and .23 alco test. Info. discovered by expert...1. Officer failed to check oral cavity before breathalyzer test. 2. Officer failed to change mouth piece between tests and 3. Missing information (not provided during discovery) to validate the accuracy/calibration of the alco test machine.
Your lawyer should be able to help you with this. I assume you have one, who hired the expert.