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How do i report someone who is violating probation and driving with a dui ?
my boyfriend has been violating probation and he said his probation officer doesnt care that he smokes but im afriad of him getting caught driving with a dui and being high
You call the police. Or you call the probation officer. Or both. But there will be consequences, most likely for him....
Should my time be marked as already completed for my refusal to take a breathalyzer?
I was arrested (2010) and later plead guilty (same year) to driving without a license, OUI, and leaving the scene of an accident. I served my time and since then have recently taken all ordered therapy and classes. I had hearing to have habitual offender status removed (which was approved). They then told me that since I refused a breathalyzer after the incident in 2010 that now I have to wait another 180 days! Shouldn't that have already been marked done since I haven't had my license since the incident in 2010 and its been more than 7 years? They said it doesn't count since I was still marked as a habitual offender during those 7 years and did not drive. That to me sounds wrong and unfair. It seems like I am being double punished. I did everything ordered and have stayed out of trouble for 7 years and now that I have a job that requires my license and I go to get it back I am being penalized again? I was never told this rule before and I can not find anything online that says the administrative suspension only starts counting after I am no longer a habitual offender or else I would have filed a long time ago before I needed my license.
Because it was an ALS refusal, they are tacking it on the end because it cannot run concurrent with any other license...
Does OPT gets delayed/denied because of getting arrested (DWI which was later dropped to reckless driving) ?
I am a student on my F1 visa. Unfortunately, I got arrested for DWI at Manchester, NH on April 24th 2016. On August 2016, my charges was dropped to reckless driving. I graduated on Oct 16 2016 and applied for Opt on Oct 4 2016. It has been 113 days since I applied and my status online on USCIS website remains unchanged . I called USCIS to enquire about my status but after few days they mailed me saying my opt is still on pending consideration. I talked to my advisor on school and was told it might be delayed because of me getting arrested. Now Im worried about it getting denied. Any advise is appreciated and I m thankful in advance.
Yes, a DWI case will negatively affect your OPT.
How will a dwi(Sub) class a misdemeanor affect me in New Hampshire
I was convicted of dwai in new York state in 2012. Recent charge was under influence of drugs blood test Donot know results
If convicted the mandatory sentence is a 3 year loss of license, $750 fine plus 24% penalty assessment, mandatory time...
Will i be able to get my license?
I got caught with marijuana at school today and i was wondering if i could still get my license.
quickest way to answer this is to ask the DMV or your lawyer.
Will they still suspend my license even though I'm pregnant & due in a week?
I am under 21&live in New Hampshire. I got pulled over for first time for taking a left at a red light and had to pay 75$. I'm 19. I paid them and now received a letter regarding pending action towards my license. The hearing is 9 days after my due date. If my license gets suspended, I have no way to get my newborn to appointments. Do I have to attend this hearing in order to know what's going on with my license? Can it all be done via phone call? The problem is, is that where I have to go is about an hour away and I'm literally due any day now. Just added stress ontop of getting ready for the new baby Sincerely Stressed out Mom-to-be
Pregnancy does not excuse a vehicle code violation. However, the final decision in your case will be made by the...
Can I be found guilty for operating a vehicle without a drivers license if the officers didn't see me driving,someone called In?
My boyfriend and i got into a argument where I ran and he chased me someone call the cops they used operations a vehicle without a license as his initial reason for arrest along searching his pockets they found a number of fake credit cards and booked him. When was arrested the vehicle was parked some distance away he wasn't driving. How can they charge him with this and could this help his case against the credit cards? Please help
Police can use circumstantial evidence. But if they are not subsequently able to establish reasonable suspicion or...