Hillsboro Crime

Hillsboro Crime

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  • Drug Overdoses Investigated In Hillsboro

    Sunday May 14 | via Hillsboro Reporter 

    The Hillsboro Police Department responded to multiple reports of drug-related medical incidents in Hillsboro Monday, May 8, and Tuesday, May 9. At 4:14 p.m., the Hillsboro Department of Public Safety Communications received a request for emergency services assistance regarding an unresponsive person in the 400 block of East Walnut Street. Hillsboro Fire/Rescue responded to the scene and located one victim, identified as 24-year-old Craig Mayberry of Hillsboro.


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  • Assault Leads To Felony Arrest By HPD

    Thursday May 11 | via Hillsboro Reporter 

    The Hillsboro Police Department made a felony arrest at 5:32 p.m. Saturday, May 6. Police made contact with a 38-year-old Hillsboro man in the 800 block of Abbott Avenue. According to reports, the man allegedly assaulted a 34-year-old Hillsboro woman and a child.


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Hillsboro Law

How much time will a person get for a dwi probation revoke Warrant and a failure to identify fugitive id charge?
My Dad has a revoked dwi probation warrant and went to jail but did not give him his name until he got to the jail and got another charge of failure to fugitive id charge which I believe is a class B or A misdemeanor. How much time is he looking at?
Your father should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney about this, there is too much going on to...
Is it easier to get an appeal on a 3rd DWI sentencing than to appeal the plea of guilt???
how long do you have to appeal before its too late??
You have 30 days, from the day the sentence was imposed, to file the basic paperwork starting the appeal. Unless you...
If I did a dwi/drug program while in tdcj, but the court order stated that once released I go to a treatment facility.
Do I still have to go to another treatment facility
Yes, treatment is part of your probation. After jail treatment.
Do I need an attorney for a DWI?
DWI in Irving Tx on May 19 2017. Did the breathalyzer it was 1.27. I think this means I'm guilty. I'm not sure. I have heard if you plead guilty they give your license back sooner. Court date is June 22, 2017 History: - I got a ticket for public intoxication, around Jan 9,2017 -speeding ticket I 1999 -I have never been in trouble before not even growing up Do I need an attorney? And why I need one
Yes you do and why you ask? Because of this: DWI in Irving Tx on May 19 2017
What happens when you get a DWI or DUI at age 18?
My cousin is in jail right now and he's 18 years old first time and he got arrested for driving and driving and he was drunk what would the consequences and fines be for a 18 year old?
The same thing that happens if you get a DUi and you are 20, or 30, or 50, or 90.... The State prosecutes you, you...
Charged with DWI and blow 0 what can they do to me and what should I do
They said I was driving fast and I was dancing around in my car to music and I was engery monster drinks at the timeso I was happy and also have anxiety attacts
Get local DWI/DUI counsel to help fight the charges.
Will i get a ticket in the mail for dwi?
I was arrested for a dwi after given a sobriety test. I spent 15 hours in jail and was bonded out with no ticket showing court date. Just my bond paper and a pink sheet showing what i was in jail for.
No, you will not get a "ticket" in the mail. You will receive a court date notice from your bondsman. It is important...