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Again, it was a second DUI in less than 5 years. I refused to blow on the bases that I would plea guilty regardless. Though I did take a breathalizer to be released from custody. This year, I recieved a letter from ODOT instructing me to get an Interlock device and an SR-22. I did only to find out that, though my DUI suspension was over, my impiied concent suspension is still in effect. Is there any option through the courts for me to get any driving privlige of any kind? PS. My bench probation will be over this year and I am able to pay off my remaining court fines if this is relevent.
Gosh, you should have asked a lawyer before responding to DMV's letter by incurring the expense of an IID and SR-22....
I was convicted of 2 DUIs in another state. I then received my 3rd/last DUI conviction here in Oregon a little over a year ago. I was young, dumb, and had no idea what exactly I was doing and how this would affect my life... It has been a tough lesson and I know now that I am powerless over alcohol. However, since then I have completely changed; I have over come many obstacles, gained full time employment, completed rehab with many accolades, have been drug and alcohol free since my last conviction, I'm almost debt free, completed the 12-steps etc etc... the promises are true. I'm know for sure that I could get dozens of witnesses (family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances etc...) to testify on my behalf. It seems to be an extraordinary and somewhat unfortunate situation. My question is... How soon do you think that it is possible for someone in a unique situation like this to get his license back? and/or at least get the felony expunged or reduced?
As you approach the 10-year mark from your Oregon conviction, hire a good DUII lawyer to help you with a petition for...
I was released from OR dui probation in Feb. 2013, obtained my sr22, insurance, paid reinstatement fee, and sent dui school certificate in. Now, 1 year later still waiting for license reinstatement. Last week I found out it wasn't my dui school taken in NM that was holding up my license, but the fact that I didn't take an out-patient 80 hr. dui addictions course. I was never told about this, there is nothing in my paperwork, nothing ever said by my PO's, ( and I had 3 of them, plenty of opportunity to tell me ) nothing about me having to take this class. I did 2 months in jail, 2 years probation, no driving. My probation ended. Only now, a year after my 2 year probation ended, they tell me I have to take a 4500 dollar 2 month class? Can Oregon do this? add stuff on years later?
I'm sorry to hear this is coming back to bite you! It sounds like the court accepted your NM treatment, but it might...
how will the reckless endangerment effect my chances of qualifying for diversion? will they be dealt with almost separately? how do I reduce my penalty for reckless endangerment? I have only had speeding tickets (a couple every 4 ish years) I have never been arrested, etc. I am the sole provider of my family of 4.
Being charged with Reckless Endangerment does not automatically preclude someone from being eligible for Diversion....
To follow up on previous question, I was recently informed that I have to take an additional dui treatment program that is very costly and time consuming if I ever want to get my license back, but only informed 1 year after my 2 year probation had already ended. None of my POs informed me of this, but is it possible that the requirement was left off of my judgement and alternative treatements left open? Or are all 2nd offense judgements the same as far as what each person has to do? I know the judge told me at the time that I could take my probation in my home state NM, and not take it in OR, but is it possible that this 2nd and most costly treatment class was left off of my original judgement? Perhaps this is why my POs didn't inform me I had to do it? Because it wasn't there?
I remember answering you previous question. As far as what the judgment says we'd have to go to the court house and...
My girlfriend and I were pulled over in front of a driveway that leads to a house. A car rolled up behind us. I thought it was just a car who wasn't going around me. I turned my car on to auxiliary to roll down my window and stuck my hand out to wave them by. I then saw the lights of the cop car and rolled down the passenger window (Note: Only the back portion of the light bar was on, not the front). The officer ask what we were doing, where we were coming from, and then asked if we had been drinking because he smelled alcohol. He asked for my insurance and my drivers license. After coming back, he asked me to step out of the car, spoke with me on my drinking (said 4 whisky sodas over a few hours) He asked me to perform sobriety tests. I completed and he put me under arrest for DUII.
Yes you can be cited even though the officer didn't witness any driving as long as there is evidence that you were...
I blew a .15. I have no priors and wasn't driving recklessly.
You would be wise to seek counsel to determine whether you should fight the charge.