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How do I challenge of a suspension to my Virginia License. Can I hire a lawyer to challenge the length of the VA suspension.
Received a DWAI in NY. It is a no criminal offense. 90 day suspension of license. No interlock device required. Virginia says 1 year suspension with interlock. The incident happened in NY and is settled up there, All fines paid. In the middle of ninety NY suspension. How can Virginia raise the penalty? They did not try the case? DWAI is a traffic infraction in NY.
I am guessing you have a virginia license. If so, you are out of luck. New York suspended your ability to drive in NY...
What happens when a second offense Dui is dropped to a 1st offense because the original first charge is still pending in court?
I was charged with 2 Dui's. The second one held me with no bond and I couldn't plea out because the 1st was still an open case. I served 35 days before the commonwealth agreed to lower the charge. Subsequently my second offense was changed to a 1st offense in which I plead guilty and was released on time served and ordered to attend the ASAP program . I face the original 1st Dui in a few weeks. What may occur? Could this charge be upped to a 2nd offense? I served 20 days more than I was sentenced to. Could this good time help me in this other case ? It was a different county.
Yes, it probably can be increased to a 2nd offense because the status normally is based upon conviction not on the date...
How does a dwai conviction in NY affect a cdl a license in virginia
I am licensed in Virginia I have a class a cdl. I am pleading to a dwai in about three weeks in NY from an incident a few months ago. In NY dwai is a traffic infraction not a crime it is lesser than a dwi
Virginia will definitely learn about the New York conviction. You will have to ensure that Virginia DMV does not treat...
Received a second charge of underage possession when already dealing with a first charge? What is going to happen to me?
Back in February I received a charge of underage possession when drinking in my dorm room with friends. We all received charges and recently went to court and received 75 hours of community service. This past weekend I made the horrible mistake of being caught outside of a fence at a party where the police caught me under the influence of alcohol. I received a second charge just 4 days after going to court for the first one. I do have an attorney (Using the same one that I had for my first charge). What type of punishment from the courts am I looking at now?
You really should be asking him/her this question. It is why you have hired him/her right? The key to answering your...
What to do when stopped for a DUI or stopped at a checkpoint?
During a DUI stop or Checkpoint, am I required to perform field sobriety test? Or can I say that I won't do any test or answer any questions without a lawyer being present? I know that license and registration, of the driver, must be presented when stopped, just not sure about the field sobriety test. Thank you in advance.
The general rule is that the officer at the checkpoint must observe or sense something that indicates the driver is...
How much time expected?
New charge 3rd DUI in 10 years and driving on suspended license. 2nd DUI / in 5 years sentence was in Oct 2014 received 3 year suspended license and 12 months suspended. How much time do you think will have to serve?
First you have to be convicted. But, if so, then it's a Class 6 felony so up to 5 years with 90 days being the...
Is there a possibility to resolve without jail time?
My dad got a DWI in Augusta County, VA in Sept. 2013. In Oct 2013, we moved to Texas (where we still reside). His trial was Feb 27th of last year. The judge gave him 1 year in jail - suspended, ASAP, and the ignition interlock. My dad paid his fines and went to his court date in Texas. The Texas judge ordered that he go to four AA meetings and that's it. He has documentation of this. Virginia now has a capias out for his arrest for Failing to Comply with ASAP. He had no knowledge of this because they sent the papers to the wrong address, twice. We just became aware of this. We're more than willing to resolve this any way we can. My dad is not in good health and needs constant care. He has documentation of this also. Do you think Virginia would be willing to resolve without jail time?
You really need to contact a Virginia attorney to assist you in this. Without having all the facts and understanding...