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Reinstatement fee has been paid and all required courses through ASAP completed. License is eligible for reinstatement 9/2/14. We no longer live in Virginia - moved to Texas. DUI is the conviction he received. VA is stating he needs an FR44 for three years but Texas it is an SR22 - Why is VA requiring this for him? He plans to get an SR22 here in Texas Will they not release him in the National database? He is trying to obtain license in Texas - don't think he needs both FR44 and SR22?
He either needs both the FR44 and SR22 or there may be a form to file with the Virigina DMV (or whatever it's called)...
I was convicted for DUI's in 1998 (regular license) 2002 (CDL-personal vehicle) 2006 (no license). I have satisfied all requirements to receive my full restoration and is currently 18 months back driving with no restrictions. Am I eligible to apply for another CDL? From what I have read, if I was convicted two or more times while holding a CDL I will have lifetime forfeiture. However, I was only holding an active CDL once while being convicted 3 times.
If the avvo attorneys fail to answer your question, consider calling a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a free...
I have attended the VASAP program but since i sold my vehicle, i didnt install the Ignition interlock device.Before i re-apply for my regular license do i need to complete interlock program for sure ?Plz advise.My friends advised me that You must have a car to prove that I have installed the ignition interlock device.so that to avoid any problem in the future.Please advice am confused.
Basically, you must have an ignition interlock installed to get your license. You should meet with a local DUI...
No accident, police report, field test, or breathalyzer test. I'm just worried that I will get a knock on my door and the police will ask questions. What if there is parking lot footage of me driving?
If there is Probable Cause to believe that you committed a crime you can be charged for it. That being said, just...
This is my first offense. I have no other charges on my history of any criminal activity.
If you are convicted of having a .19, there will be a mandatory 5 day active jail sentence. You will want to see if...
I had a student visa, and it had expired while I was living in the US. One time, I got arrested for driving under the influence. They ran me up and saw that I was illegal. They then sent me back to my country.Is there any way I can go back to the US again? Also, is there any chance that after sometime my records get cleaned. If so, how long will it take?
We really need more details to answer. Basically if you voluntarily departed you can return with a proper visa but it...
I have been charged with my first DWI. I was planning on moving to CA prior to these unfortunate events. I am still planning on going, but I've also been ordered to complete VASAP. 10 weeks of classes plus monitoring phase does not work with my plans. How does transferring the classes work? What do I need to do?
If you have been convicted you should simply talk to your local VASAP office and they will do the paperwork to transfer.