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Reinstating a revoked license after 3 OUIL convictions.
I had my first OUIL in 2006, second and third in 2011. I have been sober since 10/12/11, completed 2 inpatient alcohol rehabilitations, did 7 1/2 months in Oakland Co. jail, and completed 4 years of felony probation. I need to start working on obtaining my drivers license again. I was told to wait until 1 year after the completion of probation with 1 A.A. meeting weekly, a psychological exam, and letters of recommendation from numerous sources. Is there any other advice that can be given to make sure when I go in front of the board I'm not denied?
It's a very complicated and demanding process with one very simple answer: Retain an attorney who handles license...
My smart start malfunctioned and the company disconnected it. This caused my license to be suspended.
I had a DUI in Oct 2010 and another in Jan 2011 and went through a sobriety program which I finished in record time and have remained 100% sober since. I have not had one drop of alcohol in almost 3 years. One of the requirements of the program was to have an interlock device on my car. Well I was driving about a year ago and the device failed with an error message so I called the company. They told me to drive to their location, they said they had to disconnect and reconnect it and it would be fine they would just document it. However, as a result of this the Secretary of State suspended my license as a result. They believe I disconnected the Smart Start even though I have record from Smart Start that they disconnected it. My license is now suspended for another 2 years.
First I recommend that you hire an attorney. Second if you wish to handle this matter without an attorney make sure you...
What are the chances of getting your license back?
My son got a DUI in jan 2013 and was off probation in July 2014. He still has the interlock device. He is applying to the state to get his license back and the annual report from his device shows a .03 back in July. He was able to start it two days later without it being serviced. Does that mean it was a false positive? Should he even try to get his license back ? Will that be a guaranteed denial ? He doesn't care if the keep the machine in he just wants to drive where he wants and have less restrictions. He indicates he hasn't drank since his arrest. Sounds like if he is going to submit the paperwork to the state he will have to admit to drinking.
I would kindly but strongly recommend your son consult with a lawyer who handles a lot of AHS cases (used to be called...
I didn't get breathalyzed or a blood draw and got an MIP do i need a lawyer?
we were pulled over i was in the passenger seat and said i had been drinking and got an MIP but they didn't give me any type of test is this a fight able cause?
Your admission is damning, but it depends on whether proper protocol was followed. Hire a lawyer from here on AVVO and...
Can I get help for having a 3rd and 4th DUI felonies reduced to misdemeanors in hope of regaining my MI Gaming License back?
To clarify from earlier, I was just trying to get to the point of asking if anything could be done after having a 3rd & 4th Felony DUI charge. I know it can be difficult, but, is there anyway with a good DUI attorney of having the felonies reduced to misdemeanors. My family member got their 3rd & 4th within 30 minutes of each other on his way home from having a drink. Their 1st two charges resulted in community service, fines & suspended license for the 1st 72 hrs in jail, community service, fines and lost of license plate the 2nd 5 days in jail , probation, 3rd jail 38 days total, fines, tether, community service, felony charge, lost of gaming license 4th DUI 60 day in jail fines, felony charge, classes, tether, community service & probation.
The way you tell it for the 2nd time still is not clear. It appears that Mr. Jones' analysis remains solid. There are...
Can I get help for having a 3rd and 4th DUI felonies reduced to misdemeanors in hope of regaining my MI Gaming License back?
I have a family member who has in the last 6mos received 2 DUI's in the course of one night, which caused him to get a 3rd and 4th DUI all within 30 minutes of each other. This person was on there way home after the 3rd and explained to the officer that he was on route to their house. He was stopped because of the expired paper in his window for having had his plate taken for the second DUI and suspended license as they were on their way home from work. As a result he has lost his gaming license and career. This person has since served 90 days total in jail and a abundance of fees are being paid out. They are now trying to regroup while turning their life around. They are now looking for a good DUI attorney to help get the 3rd &4th DUI reduced too misdemeanors in hopes of regaining their Michigan gaming license back and career, They have received all DUI's in a course of 3 years at the age of 45 with no prior criminal history. They are educated with no prior anything all while living and growing up in the city of Detroit. I would like to see nothing more than for them to get a second chance and their career back.
If fees are already being paid out, and 90 days have been served in jail time, than that would indicate up front to me...
Do I have to do PBT testing even when I move outside of the US, to Europe?
I've been sentenced with an OWVI. Now, after 5 month I filed a motion for an early termination of probation due to the fact that my company send me to Europe (6 months probation left when I have to leave), the court denied to let me off completely. They agreed to write-in reporting AND PBT testing - EVEN when I move out of the country forever??? I figured out that the device is not working in EU. I don't want to cause any violation. I wouldn't have an issue with write-in reporting but I'm concerned about the PBT testing? What can I do to highlight the issue that the device is not working in EU? Thank you
better check with the country where you are intending to reside--they may not allow someone on active probation to...