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I was charged with DUI last night after slightly clipping the curb while being pulled over. I failed the field sobriety, but I simply couldn't do it under such conditions, with the cold, my nerves, weak legs and severe ADHD and Non-Verbal Learning Disability. I refused to take the breathalyzer, I did not admit to using alcohol and none wad found in my car, I would have taken a blood test but the option was not explicitly given. The officer allowed me to sit in the waiting room and said "He is fine, he just won't take the BA". I hired an attorney and the court date is next week. What will likely happen?
Ask the attorney you hired. He knows all the facts of your case. We don't.
Had eight drinks over eight hours. I am female and weigh 154. Took blood test for DUI.
Go to http://www.intox.com/drinkwheel.aspx and run the numbers there. Should give you a good idea.
you can read between the lins gettin my liceson reinstated going to dui school a employer see this and can figure it out i got a dui please see if you can help me so i can get back to work 8593561560 please call if you can help me thank you William sabie
You may be eligible to get your record expunged. Contact a criminal defense attorney about this to see if you meet the...
No Miranda rights
The miranda rights only help if they are used to get proof out of you that you were DUI. If you admitted to DUI before...
I have never been charged with any other crimes.
Depending on all of the details of what the false license purported to be, you will be facing either a misdemeanor or a...
I have lost my job And know I cannot work because of my disability. How much volunteer work can I do to pay off my fines and court fee. Also is a court cost the same as service fees?
I can't speak directly to the laws of KY, but in NY there is no option to "work off" your fines. You owe the fines and...
I showed no HGN but because I didn't pass the FST the officer arrested me. I am almost 60 yrs old. I have arthritis bad enough I have trouble walking a lot of the time. It was almost 1:30am and I was in an unfamiliar town looking for the AT&T store where my boyfriend had left his truck. I was driving really slow looking for the building and the officer said I crossed the center line twice and then crossed the white line. I thought after he learned of my perplexed situation he would help me instead he saw an opportunity to arrest me. He told me I was "impaired" because I couldn't pass his Test. My eyes were fine and my speech was fine. And I know my blood test has to be negative. What are they going to do with me? I have never been so humiliated and insulted in my life.
No alcohol and no drugs in your system? The case should be dropped.