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DUI Bill 186- Charged with misdemeanor DUI in the state of Wv, can I get it Expunged?Also charged with Obstruction of Justice
I was pulled over at 8:20 am. On my way home, that morning! My BAC was .010 at the scene, I was then taken to the local station where I blew .009. What are the rules for me to get this expunged? I was pulled over in the state of Wv, however I live in VA. This is my first time, and LAST TIME! I haven't plead. What should can I do? Did i mention it was on my 21st birthday, 11/14/10. I was also charged with Obstruction of Justice Things I expect to happen- 1) License suspended in the state of wv, until I complete a class. 2) Interlock Program (however I don't have a car registered in my name) 3) fine $500+ Things I'm not sure about- 1) Will I lose my license in the state of VA, 2) jail time? 3) am I eligible for the Senate Bill 186? Thanks again, any help is GREATLY appreciated
West Virginia will be seeking to take your privilege to drive within the borders of WV for 90 days at a related, yet...
If you enter and pass a pretrial diversion program for a DUI do you then have to admit to it later?
I was in WV and got my first offense for a DUI. I entered a pretrial DUI diversion program and I passed the program completely. Do I have to admit to future employers about the DUI? Or since I passed the diversion program is it not something I have to admit?
In theory, one year from your dismissal date, and once the presiding Magistrate has signed off on your record...
I received 2 years home confinement for 3rd offense DUI +felony. Can the two years be reduced at a certain point?
I've already spent 6 months on home confinement with work release and have had good behavior. Can my home confinement be reduced?
If the Prosecuting Authority were to so agree and the Court accept the reduction agreement, yes. Otherwise, no.
Can I get my driving record expunged and I have 2 DUIs 7 yrs an older and I have suspenoin periods that I shouldn't have had.
I paid my citations to find out that the dmv had not updated my citations as paid. In short I lost my job on the rail road after 15 yrs and want to drive a truck but for obvious reasons probably won't be possible because of my driving record. Just looking for a chance to keep being a productive member of society.
The key is to get your WV driver's license in lawful status mode. Citation level offenses are points only and go off...
Impounded car on mistake still not resolved ?
We finally got papers from the DMV saying the license has never been suspended in the last five years so there for on the driving record it says they have never been suspended so we took it to the town and they said they would have to have a cop go over it but we have proof with state seal saying they was never even listed as suspended so shouldn't they have to drop everything and give us our vehicle back at no cost since they was never suspended according to the DMV
A lot more information is needed here. It sounds like you're talking about a driver's license showing as being...
I was arrest for DUI first offense's on a 4-wheeler and license were Revocation can I still ride the 4-wheeler
my license were Revocation in west Virginia you do not need a license to ride a 4- wheeler and I was on private property
Your question was posted under the wrong category. To further assist you, I am reclassifying it to the DUI category,...
My attorney is sexually harassing me and making sexual advances towards me what can I do?
I am going through court trying to get my visitations back with my son so I'm filing a modification for that then I got pulled over about 4 days ago saying I was dui cause of drugs well my attorney is sexually harassing me and making sexual advances towards me he even approached my fiancé trying to get me to sleep with him saying that if I do my bill will be paid for and that he would make my dui go away cause I've never been in any trouble or had any points against my license he would make sure I would keep my license and everything but will only do all this if I sleep with him
You should immediately report him to the State Bar of West Virginia, fire him as your attorney and demand a refund. An...