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Can I get a restricted license after my 3rd dwi so I could drive only for work
Will I be eligible for restricted license after my 3rd dwi? How long do I have to wait to get a restricted license in NC? If I move out to california will I get a restricted license after 6 months?
I am not licensed in North Carolina, so out of respect to any experienced DUI attorney from NC who answers your...
When can I get an IID removed?
I was convicted of DUI in May of 2014 for BAC +.15. I gave up my license for 45 days, I got an IID installed in July at the direction of the NCDMV and got limited driving privileges. I was required to have the IID for one year - is that one year from the date I was convicted or date of install? In other words, can I ask for it to be removed in May, 2015 or do I wait til July 2015?
Call your local DMV to see when you can get the iid removed from your vehicle.
My dwi case has been going on for about four years now my blood work has never come back been put off 12 times should it be drop
Had a dwi about 9 years ago
If you have an attorney on your case, you should definitely discuss this with them. If not, you should consider hiring...
In 2000,I got a dui in GA, with a CA license,and now live in NC..
Had the ADETS assessment and took the 20 hour class, but now GA told me on the phone I need "Clinical treatment"?..Is this the same as the ADETS and ADETS says I need to get a driving record from GA since this is where the violation took place. GA says since my last licensing was in CA that I need a CA driving record, even though it didnt occur in CA., it occured in GA!..I thought the ADETS assessment and completion was all I needed but they list "Clinical treatment" as a separate requirement. Im so confused!
I would contact a GA DUI attorney. You can order your CA driving record by going to the CA DMV website.
Can I have a term of probation dropped while being in violation?
I am on probation for a dwi, I was recently incarcerated for nine months on a different charge. The different charge I was given ninety days, for which I got time served, but I have done six more months then I should have. My PO was told not to violate while I was incarcerated, so now I find myself in violation. Is there anyway I could have the six months go for my active sentence and be done with probation altogether? Any help would be great, I'm having trouble finding anything to help me. Thank you and have a great day.
Generally no. If you were incarcerated on another charge, and were not serving time on this charge, they will not go...
Can I pay the original fine that was offered to me instead o doing the community service?
I was charged with A DWI last year in May I believe. I had a lawyer and everything but I ended up loosing my case. I have paid all the lawyer fees and the money to get my license back ( which I had to switch for a limited license ) but Instead of just taking the offer to pay 200.00 to "skip" Community Service I opted to do it, Now things are so tight time wise that I just cannot do the community service Im always working or with my kids. is their a possibility that I can go to the courthouse and pay the original fine for community service or am I just locked in to do it now? I have to do 24 hours. thank you for looking and assisting me in advance! also I apologize for any typos.
That should not be a problem since either was a choice in the first place. Contact the court to get their suggested...
How do you prove your case if you have a Monitech fail and you have limited information as to the violation?
Two DUIs within a year back in 2001- went to rehab in 2002, in-house for a year and have not had a drink since May 5, 2002. Finally went through all the classes, paid all my fines, had the Monitech system installed in March, 2012. I received a notice recently that my license would be suspended. I requested the hearing, contacted Monitech, and received info that at 5:30pm on 2/7 and 5:31am 2/8, the system registered a .01. There were no other violations before or since. These are exact times my husband would have been leaving from and to work- he does not drink. The system had to have registered a soda he drank or cigarettes he was smoking back when I was onto him to quit smoking. How do I prove that neither I nor another drive DIDN'T drink? I have no idea how to prove my case.
Sometimes these devices have cameras or voice detection to verify who's blowing into the device. If yours has something...