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I'm on probation for my 2nd dui recently I got a ticket for operating an orv in a closed area is that a probation violation?
I'm on probation for my 2nd dui...I lost my license til 2-26-17
The terms and conditions of probation are set by your sentencing Court. One common term of probation is not to get new...
I have a DUI in Michigan. If I move to Colorado can I get a license there before I get my Michigan one back
I am currently off probation and was told by a lawyer it will be 4 to 6 months before I can get my license back. I was told I can get a Colorado license now, but if I do can I still get a Michigan license if I move back to Michigan.
I doubt it. Michigan and Colorado have what's referred to as a reciprocity agreement, meaning the share DUI conviction...
I had a recent arrest with a .12 on breathalyzer. I had a DUI conviction 17 years ago is this prosecuted as a second offense?
It said oui 1st on the ticket.
From the information provided in your question, this is the second time you've been charged with DUI. It would...
Can they arrest someone on the spot for a dui violation?
My brother had a hearing early this morning for a dui violation. His etg came back positive. It is his only violation. No one is able to get a hold of him. Is it possible that he got arrested on the spot? Who can I contact to find out. He did not have a lawyer present at this hearing. Thank you. Oakland county, mi
You need to check two places for him. 1. The court he was in this morning; and 2. The county jail. The court should...
I went for sentencing yesterday for a duo the offered me sobriety court which sound good at the time but I can not afford it.
I rather just to the jail time how to I get out of it?
You need to contact the sobriety court supervisor and tell him or her that you believe you will not be able to comply...
Will a pending DUI that I got in New York show up on a MVR?
I am a Michigan driver that recently got a DUI (which is being reduced to a DUAI) in New York. I pleaded not guilty and I have not been charged yet. I'm now back in Michigan and getting a job that requires a MVR. Will the pending charge from another state show up on my report already?
Not while its pending, only under conviction. However, NY may send a notice to the SOS that you were arrested, but i...
I have a question about jail time
if you get 1 year min and 10 years max in one state and another state you get 3 years min and 10 years max do u have to do one of them first and then the other even if its run concorent
Your question does not provide enough information to allow for a fully applicable answer. If you are asking if time...