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ALEXANDER COUNTY, NC Alcohol Assessing Agencies and/or ADETS Education Organizations 2013
Donlin Counseling Services123 N. CenterTaylorville, NC 28681view MapCounty: AlexanderContact: Don CheekPhone: 828-635-7371, Fax: 704-872-7612E-mail ADETS Provider Mullins Mullins Counseling Taylorsville99 East Main Ave.Taylorsville, NC 28681County: AlexanderContact: Becky ...
Can I travel to Mexico with a DUI?
I had a first time DUI conviction Sept. 2016 in NC with the lowest (Level 5) punishment. Would I have any problems travelling to Cancun, Mexico in a few months? I am under unsupervised probation with a driving restriction but I'll be with family.
You shouldn't have any problems. Best of luck!
Can you receive a dui for paxil
I was already out of my car when a trailor hit me. The police let the guy go and btout me to have bloodwork done , they couldd not get me for my precribed narcotic but gave me a dui for the paxil i have been taken forva numbr:of yesrsc. 10 mg
I'm moving your question over the Criminal Defense category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
Will i be facing jail time for a dui wreck?
Ive been charged with a misdemenor child abuse,Driving while impared,Reckless driving to endanger. Had a car wreck in process.Will i be facing jail time? Ive already spent a week in jail.
Based on these facts, you might be in some serious trouble. I would advise reaching out to a criminal defense attorney...
Will north Carolina extradite for a dwi?
went to court for first appearance in concord, n.c. and the judge said that the max penalty was 3 years. was arrested at Wal-Mart parking lot sitting not driving but truck was running.
Perhaps no way to know without asking the prosecting Attorney who has the authority. best to hire a Criminal Defense...
How do I get an under 21 DUI record expunged?
5 years ago I went to pick up a friend's daughter from the police station, at the time I did not speak or read much Spanish but was told to sign a paper in Spanish (I later found out those were my rights written down) and then proceeded to be "taken in" (I was already there) for a dui because I had some alcohol in my system and was under 21. I was told it would be expunged and I could keep my license if I paid the court fee and submitted some hours of community service. I did as told but was recently notified from Care.com that I had a record and could not participate, I am confused as in college I had numerous background searches done to work with children and the elderly and had never received any notification of there being a problem. I did a basic online search and two offenses popped up automatically and I am wondering if there is a way I could see those personally, without paying, and the process of expunging them. I have had no offenses since or any traffic violations.
The answer to your question depends on EXACTLY how the case was handled. If you were convicted of underage possession...
Can I still get my real estate license if I have a DUI on my record from 2012?
I am 27 years old, and I want to get my real estate license. Unfortunately I have a DUI on my record. I was 21 at the time of the incident. I didn't hurt anyone, but I did total my car. I completed everything to get my license back and have had my license back now for years with no issues. Maybe one traffic ticket or two since I got it back. I don't have any other criminal convictions on my record other than traffic. In my lifetime when I was younger, I was charged with other not serious non traffic related charges but they were all dropped. I also had a DUI when I was 20, but I received a PJC on it. I would like to get my license ASAP. Will this interfere? If so how? I would like to have as much detail on this as possible.
Contact the NC Real Estate Commission in Raleigh and just ask them if any of your prior offenses would prevent you from...