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I got a DUI in 2005 in Colorado. Can California DMV charge me with having a DUI 11 years later?
I got a DUI in 2005 in Colorado with a California DL, but I was living in CO. Anyways All of a sudden CA DMV says I have a DUI suspended lic. Their exact words were "clear up whatever is holding it in CO", and I did. then I applied for a CA lic. they tell me I have a DUI. and I have to take a year of classes. I never got a DUI in CA. and keep in mind this is 11 years later
Call the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento for further clarification. Something's amiss here--you may not have "...
Do you have to show your license and registration at a DUI checkpoint?
I was going through a DUI checkpoint and the officer ask for my license and registration. Did I legally have to show him?
Were you arrested?
Do I have a chance at fighting a DUI charge
I was arrested for a DUI recently with a .2 BAC. I understand how high that was but feel that was higher than what it should have been. As far as the circumstances that revolves around it goes, I was parked on the shoulder of a freeway making a phone call. After a few minutes, CHP pulled behind me to see what I was doing. I let them know making a phone call. I was outside the whole time as they pulled behind me and did not see me driving at all. I understand they can still get me for a DUI but it's a matter if it's worth fighting for to at least reduce charges imposed on me through claims that it should not have been a .2 BAC which was obtained from a breathalyser on the spot. Thank you.
Assuming you were alone and had no passengers, it will tough to beat a .20 BAC. You may have admitted to driving...
I got a dui yesterday they had me do four breathalyzers then took me for a blood test
I was pulled over in Manhattan beach California last night... They said my tags were expired and I made an unsafe lane change. I agreed to the tests even though I have 5 decications in my spine. I was given 2 breathalyzers and told that I needed a blood test . I asked why since I had already consented to the breathalyzer and they drove me to the station and repeated the process stating they didn't get a good reading and then drove me to the hospital for blood tests. I was held for 8 hours. I did have a dui in 1995 . I was not given a BAC percentage and I know there were no illicit drugs in my system. I was not cited for any other moving violations.
Sorry to hear about your DUI arrest. It sounds like the cops did everything they could to get as much evidence they...
Need help with a DUI question
My friend had a DUI in 2013 and his license is not suspended he just had to have the interlock on his car.The DMV stated in California they can not require the interlock on a motorcycle so he was able to get his permit. He made the appointment with the DMV for his M1 driving test and they rented him a scooter for $65 he waited in line 2 hours but now he is told he can't take the test because of the DUI and the interlock requirement. Is this correct?
Sounds correct to me, but it doesn't matter what we think. The DMV controls all matters related to your friend's license.
Hello on july 9th i was arrested for a second dui(1dui was 7 ys ago) charges including. Reckless driving and hit and run.
I ended up losing controll of the car and 2 parked cars were hit. My insurance has covered one of the cars already. I want to know if there is a way to plea for jail alternatives and. How much jail time am i looking at
Ask in the criminal defense forum. This forum is for personal injury attorneys.
Dui blow .07, arrested for speeding on a motorcycle and no license class m what happened in court?
.07 blow at the station. He had no motorcycle license only car. and was going to exceeding the speed limit, my car license it off me and my appointment is official until October this year. I had no problems with Dmv and I already have my license on the way.
.07 is good. how bad is speed? 50 in a 35 not bad. 90 plus bad. license not much of an issue. priors? facts are...