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Will I be able to get my license back in 2016 or April 2017?
I was charged with a dui in January 2015. I did not blow. My lawyer set up a hearing with the dmv for July 2015 about the refusal. The result of the hearing with the dmv was that I was guily. At this point I received a paper in the mail that said my suspension ran from july 2015-July 2016. I, then, went to court in April of 2016, where I was also found guilty. I had another piece of mail that was delivered to my mother's house, stating I would lose my license from April 2016-April 2017. This seems like a mistake. I shouldn't have to be punished twice.
Sorry, but this is not a mistake. You received two different suspension. The first suspension was under NCGS 20-16.2...
It's been two years since my dui how long do they have for my blood to come in
I was in a wreck my blood was taken at the hospital but my case keeps getting continued I want too know how long they have since the blood hasn't showed up or the best way to fight the case
Best way to fight it is to ask your lawyer what is his or her strategy for defending you case. This is not a do it...
I have a dwi charge in NC Blood test took 2yrs 8mths to come back.is there no limitations on this?
was a wreck and took blood to test over two hrs after wreck
This is probably the most profound issue in DWI law in North Carolina at the moment. Right now the SBI crime lab takes...
My son received a first time dwi in weaverville, buncombe county, ,he was placed under a 100,000.00 which is unreasonable, NC
Every law enforcement person Ive talked to say this is unreasonable, most just sign a bond on their signature unless they have a record for not appearing in court which he does not
Get him an attorney, or have the court appoint one for him if he cannot afford to hire his own. This is a legal issue...
What happens when a second DUI offense happens in a different state after 6 years?
I'm a resident of NC and got a DUI in early 2008. Recently, I was pulled and arrested in Georgia with a .1. Will this be considered a first offense or second offense? Also, will I be eligible for a work permit to drive?
It's a grossly aggravating factor and subjects the accused to an active jail term, if convicted. Retain legal...
Unable to obtain a NC driver license due to a hold in GA from a 1993 DUI.
Received a DUI in 1993. Did not live in GA, never had a GA license. Was driving on a suspended SC license at the time. Years passed, moved to Louisiana, never got a Louisiana license. Moved to Arizona with my wife in 2008. Went to get AZ license, there was a hold in GA for DUI in 1993. Went home, paid all outstanding fines. Took a DUI class to satisfy AZ, Paid GA and also sent them proof of my DUI classes, which they accepted and cleared my record. Got my AZ license in 2009. Now moved to NC. Went to get my NC license, discovered GA has same hold on my license & no records from 2008, says computers have changed since 2008 and I have to pay same fine again and take a 16 hour class now. Is this even legal? Is there no statute of limitations on out of state license holds?
No, if there's something you still need to do on an old DWI, you will need to do it to remove the hold and get cleared...
Will warrant show up in NC Dmv for getting an id? Got dwi in 2008 ans ant have my lisce yet but just want an id made
Got warrant on me and i need an id made dont have lisce yet but got dwi in 2008 will that show up at or on the computer at the north Carolina dmv???? All i need is an id is all
If the dwi was in North Carolina then it will show up in the DMV records.