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I had dui in Ohio have KY dl do I have to pay 440 reinstatement to oh and reinstatement fee in KY too? paid oh fine
The offense was in 2006, I had CDL at the time, I just want regular license now and I live and had KY CDL at the time I have went 4-5 years past the suspension time.
Go to your local DOT office in KY and apply for a drivers license. If you complied with the Ohio conviction, Ohio...
Can I beat a DUI if I refused test at hospital?
I was charged with a DUI 3rd offense. When pulled over I blew a .068 on the roadside. When taken to hospital I refused blood test. Officer says I failed field sobriety and I had open alcohol and he smelled marijuana but found none. I have a trial date set for June and I'm currently on parole. Will it be possible to get a diversion or get acquitted?
If you have a trial date scheduled, you should speak with your lawyer about your trial strategy & the odds of success....
How do I go about finding a DUI/Criminal Defense attorney who will accept $500 down and $500 a month payments?
I am being charged with DUI 2nd offense Agg., Driving on a suspended license, and Wanton Endangerment 1st degree after an accident. I am on disability and low income but feel that I need to hire a private attorney because I don't feel a public defender will have the resources or time that will be needed for my case. I am able to provide $500 now and then $500 a month afterwards. As a single mother this is all I can do. Any advice?
You can contact your local bar association who can refer you to reasonable attorneys. Also, attorneys on AVVO usually...
DUI 2nd offense, Driving on a suspended, Wanton Endangerment 1st degree charges after possibly having had my energy drink spiked
I had visited with an acquaintance at my home during which time I only knowingly had about 9 oz. red wine. Later that day I was in an automobile accident in which my son was in the car. They have charged me with the above charges. However I have no clear memory of having done any of this.. My friends have asked was it possible that something had been slipped into my beverage. I am at a loss as to what possibly happened. I know I have been trying to clean up my act and stay out of trouble. I am on SSI and worry that a public defender will not be able to handle my case correctly/thoroughly. I am needing advice.
These are serious charges with potentially serious consequences. I highly suggest that you consult with a locally...
2nd DUI, Blood was drawn, In KY. Any way to bargain some type of rehab or interlock device in my state and county?
Is there any way to get a hardship on 2nd DUI? I have 2 kids and no family support system. I will also lose my job in the legal field.
You can only get hardship on dui 2nd after 12 months. The only way is to fight the dui and win. Hire an experienced...
I am not sure whether to plead guilty to a charge of 2nd offense driving on a suspended license.
I lost my license on July 1, 2010 for a DUI 3rd offense. The last letter I received from DMV stated that my license was suspended until July 1 2012. I have not completed my DUI classes. I was stopped coming back from Wal-Mart buying medicine for my 11 year old son and charged with driving on a suspended license 2nd offense. Was my license still suspended or was I simply driving w/o a license? I am not sure whether to plead guilty or not.
There is no way I would plead guilty to this charge without first consulting, in person, with a criminal defense lawyer....
What is a customary fee schedule for a 1st DUI and how long do they usually take to resolve?
I was charged with a DUI 9/2015 with a 0.03 breath test in the field and negative on the blood and the only thing on my drug screen was Trazadone which I have taken for several years for sleep when I need it. This has been ongoing, it took until May to get the blood results back. My lawyer asked for $1000. up front, he travels 13 miles for the continuing court appearances which have totaled 3 visits of no more than 5 minutes, and the pre-trial which may have lasted a total of 10 minutes. I met with him for the first time in his office last Friday and he asked for an additional $3000. 1500 to cover the continuing visits to date and 1500 to go to a bench trial. I have been led to believe all along that this would most likely be dismissed, but for some reason the county attorney wants it taken forward. I have never been in trouble before. I feel like these fees are excessive.
Respectfully, I think the fees are quite reasonable. You are paying for time and experience. Your attorney spent...