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Can my ex wife who is on probation for a dui & in the process of getting charged with 2 dui move out of state with my 15 yr. old
My ex "says" she has a job in Georgia. She wants to leave California with our 15 year old daughter. She currently has one dui conviction (she is currently on probation for it) and has an open court case for a second dui which is currently in pre-trial. Her next court date is November 9, 2016. Under these circumstances would she legally be allowed to leave the state.
In most jurisdictions, you can move to a state while a simple DUI is pending. As for the legality of the custody issue,...
Roommate is a drunk and smokes weed ...can I get them out of the house sooner than 30 days
Roommate. Originally moved in with a month to month lease. After the first month. Didnt sign another one. Paid rent on the first ..but i caught him smoking weed and he drinks every night .. can I remove him sooner without a 30 day notice
It isn't clear from your post whether your roommate is your co-tenant (i.e. you are both tenants of the owner), or he...
What is the punishmen for tbeing found guilty in california for 3 counts of 853.7
My 45 year old son is bipolar/schizophrenic and has totally ignored this letter from the judge charging him with 3 counts of failure to appear. He has already been found guilty of driving without proof of insurance /registration and driving with a suspended license.
Usually a violation of PC 853.7 is tacked onto a misdemeanor violation, without knowing the underlying charge is...
How many points does a DUI put on my CDL in CA
My friend just got a DWI a couple days ago and wants to know if any body will hire him after his year is up
2 points. Are you asking about a commercial license?
Misdemeanor DUI expunged - If asked on a job app if I have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime do I have to say yes?
If expunged do I have to say yes to being convicted of a crime on a job application?
In California, your conviction is never actually expunged, it is dismissed. If your conviction is dismissed under...
I blew a .084 after being pulled over leaving my house(literally one block). I passed all field sobriety tests.
Blew .084. Not arrested, car didnt get towed. They drove me to my brothers house across town actually. I blew a .084 after passing all field sobriety tests. I dont have a criminal back ground and is my first time having negative interaction with police. What are my options and do we have an idea of what is going to happen?? incident was on 3/1/2016
Go find a criminal defense attorney ASAP. You'll need to move quickly to deal with the DMV, and once the criminal case...
Is it possible for Lincoln Nebraska where I received my DUI if sentenced to jail time if I can serve my sentence in California
Recently I was driving from Michigan to California I got stopped on I 80 for a DUI it's my third one my prior two were in California I have to go back to court in April
You'll need to retain counsel in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's unlikely you can serve any jail sentence anywhere but in NE.