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What can i do to press charges on someone and how will it effect me?
Im 21 years old on a no drink in the state of minnesota. Lastnight i was in a bar and got sucker punched. Can i press charges on the person without getting in trouble with my no drink for being in a bar.
The answer may depend on the conditions that have been imposed upon you. Sorry that your question cannot be answered...
My truck has been impounded after a third dwi in ten I have only made 4 payments on it. Is there any chance I can get it back
I have an eleven yr old I raise by myself as I am the father and only parent she has
It is possible, but you have to act quickly to ensure that you preserve your ability to get it back. You have 30 days...
What would it cost/take to have a persons driving record expunged.
After a 1986 DWI conviction,can the State of Minnesota still require that a person be subjected to complete a treatment program before a license will be issued? Is their a remedy-perhaps a stale statute issue?
It would be extremely difficult to expunge a DWI conviction. One could spend many, many thousands of dollars in the...
Is there anything I can do to plead not guilty of a 5th degree dui if I've already gotten a UA?
I knew that they'd find THC in my system but told them I was unaware if I had adderoll in my system. But since I was "under the influence" shouldn't my statement be thrown out too? I haven't gotten the results of my UA yet.
You can absolutely plead not guilty. You have the right to have the State prove their case against you beyond a...
My ignition interlock read a failed reading but i had not been drinking at all, now the DPS cancelled my license,
I have had an interlock for arox. 30 months.., i also have an employee exemption that allows me to drive my company truck for work with no interlock I have never once had a false positive or issue Last sunday at around 12:30 I blew into my interlock and it failed..I called them interlock imediatly and they said try again... try again.... fail... they told me to go get some water etc.. try again... the whole time i am on the phone with them asking what to do, etc.. should i go to the hospital for a test? as i had not been drinking at all.. Well, I long story short at 1:26 it said i passed the test, I went imediately to the hospital and requested a blood test for achohol.., which came back as .00( i have the labwork copy) .. I called DPS on monday to report what had happened and ask if i need to do anything.. they said dont worry about it unless you hear from us.. Well saturday i got a notice that as of today they cancelled my license( failed test .037@ 12.22)... I have to be able to drive for work.. I dont know what caused this but I was not Drinking.. Should I Go to DPS Imediately with labwork etc. to try and speak with an evaluator to appeal this? DPS is about 4 hrs away..
I would call a lawyer and make sure you get a copy of all the paperwork to them immediately. The possibility that you...
How long will a dui stay on my driving record in Minnesota does it change anything if I was 16?
So I was 16 years old and I received a DUI of alcohol, let's not mistake this for a DWI, how long will the dui stay on my record and my driving record? I live in Minnesota, I am currently 19 going on 20.
Mistake it for a DWI? What's the difference? In Minnesota, DWI/DUIs are permanent unless the court grants an expungement.
What can I do to get to work? I work shifts from 6am to 6pm, or 6pm to 6am
Blew a .20 bac. Went to jail and got bailed out for 600$ and 7 days for my license in till license is revoked. Court date is set February 17
You may want to look into the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program. It may allow you to get your driving privileges...