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My truck has been impounded after a third dwi in ten I have only made 4 payments on it. Is there any chance I can get it back
I have an eleven yr old I raise by myself as I am the father and only parent she has
It is possible, but you have to act quickly to ensure that you preserve your ability to get it back. You have 30 days...
Forfeited truck after 3rd dwi notice
I have recieced papers and cannot find them. I have a 2009 pickup and still owe a great deal on it. I have been paying for many things already and haven't pd on forfeiture of 350.00 with no guarantee that I will get the auto back. Do I still have time to pay to get it back now or what if I wait until court proceedings? I also owe a great deal on the pickup and was wondering if it would be worth it to fight for it. Please advise or enlighten me on my actions.
First, you only have a period of 30 days after the vehicle was forfeited to file a challenge to possibly get it back....
I was pulled over for a dwi. I don't believe the officer read me my rights until I was handcuffed and in custody. Do I have case
I don't believe I was read my rights until I was in the police station
The officer need not read Miranda warnings unless there will be a custodial interrogation. There are many defenses to...
I have not been charged with anything from a dwi and the state will take my Liscense in 7 days. Can they do that?
Did a urine test and have not gotten results so how can the state take my Liscense
There are two parts to a DWI that are dealt with by different agencies. First, the county or city prosecutor deals...
How many days do I have to pay
How many day do I have to pay for my truck in impound before it is taken by the state due to third dwi
On a third DWI, it is quite likely that the municipality or the county will seek to forfeit the vehicle. if you have...
What is the procedure/remedy in order to get a an unlawful 1987 DWI/DUI conviction dismissed/vacated-in Minnesota?
This unlawful conviction was used to cancel the DL & place a life long label of "inimical to public safety" onto my record & is still currently being used to deny driving privilages.I was subjected to the inefficiency of a Public Defender that failed to obtain{through a private investigator that he told me he had access to} & enter my exculpatory evidence at trial. I reported the Issue to the presiding judge & requested another attorney-the judge granted another attorney,however would not grant a continuance. The result was that I was coerced under duress & under color of law to enter a guilty plea-in order to receive a lessor jail penalty. The court erred & was not in accordance with substantive & procedural due process of law.
One of the most important things a lawyer can tell you is the truth. I hear a tremendous amount of frustration in your...
What would it cost/take to have a persons driving record expunged.
After a 1986 DWI conviction,can the State of Minnesota still require that a person be subjected to complete a treatment program before a license will be issued? Is their a remedy-perhaps a stale statute issue?
It would be extremely difficult to expunge a DWI conviction. One could spend many, many thousands of dollars in the...