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I have a DUI on my license, but I haven't been arrested or charged with the DUI
I was in a accident, blood was taken and it was over the legal limit but i never was arrested or charged. It's been six months since the accident. I need the arrest form in order to get my license back but there's no form found, my license got suspended for a DUI related offense. What's going on
Could you have had another DUI offense? Check and see if there was a bench warrant issued for this offense. Also, go...
1 case 7 charges - 5 of them DUI Property Damage/Injury, 6th is DUI Blood Alcohol Above 0.2, 7th Driving Under The Influence.
Hello! More than 2 years ago (February 2011) my husband got into the accident with 5 cars involved, it was his fault after all (no serious injuries). My husband passed out, they took him to the hospital, check his blood and found an alcohol (he had 3 or 4 glasses of beer in 2 hours with lunch). He didn't get arrested. Later his license was suspended for 6 months and he went to dui classes. After all got his license back. A week ago we got a message that my husband didn't show up in the court (we didn't know about it! No notifications!)) and has to pay bond. He went paid the bond, spent a night in the jail and he will have another hearing soon. What is waiting for my husband? What punishment? Why it took so long? Why they didn't arrested him at the day of accident?
They did not arrest him the day of the accident because the toxicology reports take time to get back and they may have...
DUI arrested but a 0.53 and 0.46 on breathalyzer test.
I was pulled over Saturday night on Feb 9 2013 in Hillsborough County in Tampa Florida. I was accused for DUI after "failing" the field sobriety test, which I honestly believe I did really well considering my nervousness, the cold weather, me being in a rental car, and me being about 300 miles away from home, and took into jail. While in jail about 30 min or so I was asked to take breathalyzer and agreed to. Both times I scored below a 0.08 with a 0.05... and a 0.04... Officer did not suspend my license, bail was set at $500 and I spent the night in jail until I bonded out. I need to go back to Hillsborough County and set up an appointment for court within 10 days to get the $500 bond back. I'm honestly freaking out.. This is my first ever offense PLEASE HELP... Thank You
You should definitely consider hiring an attorney especially since you live so far away. An attorney will be able to...
How long does it take for Tallahsse to send a letter for DUI suspension
I was pulled in Jan, refused breathalyzer. Got a great attorney who got me not one but two hard ship DL. I finally was able to get my hard DL in May. One my DMV hearing. My case was settled last month with a plea bargin which includes a 6 month suspension of my DL, ITT for one year. Did DUI course, 16 weeks Advocate, community service 50 hours. Paid all court fees and probation paid up for one year including a extra $500 fine. Plus victim impact panel. Made apt for ITT in June. My DL appears to be in active status. I was shocked, have not gotten any info from the state, how can I be sure my DL in valid???. Is it possible that my DL suspension is over because it's been over 6 months sense I was pulled over???
Once you pled and got that plea bargain, a new six month suspension starts. You won't have a hard suspension, but you...
Cannot seal record because of DUI this is impeding me from finding a job
In 1994 I was partying stop for DUI when taken to the county cops found coke during the search that suppose fell out of my pocket. During the speedy trial, I had two trials on the same day one for the Coke (ADJ withheld/Sent) and the other for the DUI (State was not ready so was asked to come back to other times but the state was still not ready therefore dismissed) I hope this clarified my situation. I was also working on my degree but now what’s the point.
Here may be the problem. The Possession of Cocaine was sentenced so you would be eligible for it to be sealed, not...
My son is 21 ,2nd dui in less than a year.The firs one he when to a program, serve comunity hours and when to a programe.
He has not finish the program yet. he work , going to college, he is HIV positive . and take spiquiatric med. for BIPOLar an depresinon. HE can't afford to go to jail and , and stop medication , specialy HIV. what are the chances not to go to jail in florida dade county?
There is a 10 day minimum that he will face. Get an attorney, and perhaps he can go to a treatment facility instead of jail.
Can a company overlook a DUI lowered to reckless driving record?
Can a company overlook a driving record if a candidate is solid enough? I had a DUI to reckless from earlier this year and my resume consist of market jobs can a job overlook my driving record if the job consists of driving from store to store?? or by law can they deny me employment because of that? Thank you
In Florida you can be denied employment or fired for pretty much any reason or no reason at all save a few...