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I am on informal probation for something other than DUI I got a 23152(a) a few night ago what will happen
got a DUI and have been on informal probation for 8 months for a different case not a DUI
Probably a violation of probation for getting back into legal trouble, anytime you get into further trouble you have...
My stepson got a dui but the cops never gave him the dmv pink slip. how can he get a copy?
he was arrested and released but not given the pink slip
The quickest way to get a copy of the DS367 (pink slip) is to call the arresting agency and ask if you can stop by and...
Can I change my plea deal for a DUI back in 2011 ?
I was pulled over for a DUI that was never so true! I was accused of drinking at a bar that which never happened just because my truck was parked in the back of the bar because I loaned my truck to him because his girlfriend kicked him out of her home while I was attending a funeral of another friend and I was living with my mother at a apartment complex and I didn't want him to park my truck in the wrong parking spot and having my truck towed away which happened before in the past! I went to my original court date but it was put off for about 3 weeks later! When it came time to the San Bernardino forensic lab results for blood which I never submitted, the supervisor under perjury approved the results 3 weeks before the supposedly test were even started on! I have a lot more to say, a lot more to say because I got railroaded just because I had 2 prior DUI'S ( 2008, 2003 ) and those 2 prior's were hanging over my head so I took a plea deal because if I did go in front of a jury and was found guilty, I was facing a year in jail!
Five years later, there's probably nothing you can do. The time to fight was five years ago.
Why did I just get a notice in the mail from a collecton agency regarding a DUI fine I'm positive I paid 16 years ago?
They are threatening to suspend my license and I need to drive for work. I have since gotten other tickets and paid them, been fingerprinted numerous times for coaching positions and no one ever said anything about me having fines due. I paid cash at the court house for 2 years, only have one receipt to validate that. Didn't have an ATM card then and they would not accept checks so I paid with cash. Its been 18 years since that DUI, why now are they coming to me with this? This is false, I paid everything on time. What can I do to fight this? Please help. Thanks.
Not sure why you got that. Perhaps you're memory fails, or perhaps they're mistaken. Would need to see the document...
The DA wants to give me a SCRAM bracelet for my first DUI, can I "bargain" or "trade" for a "different but equal" penalty?
Long story short, I had a stupid, and emotional night, drove when i shouldn't have. Ofcourse in my drunken state i decided to was a good idea to get some fast food before hitting home. I fell asleep (passed out) at the wheel in the drive through, bumping into the car infront of me. So while this is my first DUI, I understand i get "aggravated" penalties, for both the high BAC (above .20) and the "accident". I have no prior convictions, not even traffic violations. After going through several Pre-trials the DA wants to give me 10 hours work release (which is fine with me). But they also want to put a SCRAM bracelet on me for 180 days (which is absolutely humiliating, and horrifying to me). My question is: Is it possible to talk the DA out of the SCRAM? I would absolutely trade it for an IIED, or double community service, or double the fine, or ANYTHING. I just can bear to think ill have to wear that for 180 days like a felon on house arrest. Can a DA "bargain" or "trade" penalties? If so, how likely is it? and is there anything I can do to help myself? Does the fact that I preemptively enrolled in the 9-month DUI class make it any better (haven't been convicted yet)? Thank you.
The SCRAM is NOT a required penalty. You should hire a good Dui attorney to represent you.
Dui question as minor
I got 2 dui when i was 16 and 17 i am now 20 is there anyway for me to go to court and have a judge remove them from my driving record since i was a juvenile? Cause its holding me back from this job im currently in. Any information would be appreciated
No. The judge has no power over the DMV. Only time removes anything from your DMV driving history and you'll be...
What do I do if my license suspension is up and I have not received a court date from the courts for a DUI I received 08/23/2014
I got a DUI and had requested a DMV hearing for which the DMV sided with the police report and suspended my license until march 13 2015 which is coming up, however I went to court on the date that my ticket said to and my name was not on the court calendar so I went into the DA's office and asked them why and they told me that the courts had not pressed any charges yet that for me to keep checking the court calendar for my name with a time and date to appear or I should receive something in the mail with a court date. I have been checking and still no court date to appear. Now the date to be able to get my license back from the DMV is coming what do I do? The notice from DMV stated to get my license back if I was convicted of the DMV I would have to do the DUI class please explain?
without a conviction you simply had a DMV suspension which is now terminated. Since you waited out the suspension...