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My son recently took our keys from our home we are living in for our rental house which is currently empty. He ended up having
9 kids were issued citations for consuming alchohol. Do I have a case against the kids that were there? The dj sight posted pictures from the party, that we saved before they took them off their sight. I also have a saved facebook conversation with one of the employee that admits they were there and allowed in from my 17 yr old son, and they knew drinking was going on. A police report was filed after the consumption by minors in yard were caught, but before pictures and conversation with employee on facebook. Any advice?
A case for what? What are your damages? To put it another way, what is it that you are willing to pay a lawyer...
How much will be the fine be and am I required to have an ignition interlock device?
Pulled over for not yielding, and operating with a controlled substance 346.63(1)(AM). This is my first offense for OWI. It was for cannabis use. Was very compliant with the officer. Consented to do a blood test. I have not yet gone to required court appearance. I also received a mail reading "This court MUST order ignition interlock device". I had no alcohol content and was tested by the police officer with a breathalyzer and blew a 0.
Re-read the form mailing and see if there is an "if" associated with that "must". http://wisconsindot.gov/Documents/...
What happens if you get a DUI from hitting another running car when drunk?
What is the likely consequence for someone who hit a moving vehicle when drunk, and this is their 4th DUI within approx 20 years? The person hit was not injured. Their last DUI was approx 3 1/2 years ago and they were allowed to complete a 7 month sentence in a work release facility. For this DUI, they were put in County jail and will be there indefinitely until their court date . The person at fault does not have money to pay for a lawyer.
That'd be a felony. The minimum confinement is 6 months jail. Maximum is 6 years prison. The likely consequences...
If you could provide any information about how long these offenses will be on my record that would be very helpful. Thank you.
Hello, I recently received two tickets; one for underage drinking and another for violating closing hours of a campus facility in Madison, WI. I have not been convicted of any crimes previously.
You should contest the charges and consider hiring local counsel if you're not comfortable with doing that yourself....
What can I do? What are my rights?
I am being charged with an OWI 2nd offense in 9 years. I retained an attorney. He is dead set on taking it to trial. I had my final pretrial conference with the district attorney this past Friday. Prior to going in I asked my attorney if we could settle or come to a deal. He said they would not make a deal with an OWI case. I sat through each other defendants homework all offer deals on their case. I do not want to take it to trial. One of my Witnesses is a cancer patient who had her tongue removed and now speaks with a voice box and I do not want to put her through that. When I called the District Attorney's office to see if a deal was offered that I was not aware of them for me they will not speak to me because I have an attorney. But I feel that he declined an offer without my knowledge. My trial is set for April 18th which is less than a week away.
You could try hiring a different attorney, and have that attorney negotiate an offer. You're taking action a bit late...
Will this do anything go my WI CDL?
I was sitting in my parked car with an open beer can. Got an open intox citation that they will mail to me. Did a field subrioty test and blew a 0.00. Will this do anything to my wisconsin CDL?
It should not unless you are in point trouble. if your parked car was not running and they have no evidence that the...
Can I drive in other states while on a restricted OWI license? I will be going through Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas.
I got an OWI (my 1st) in Wisconsin, I have a occupational/ administrator drivers license. My mom lives in Kansas and I need to go to her.
You have to tell us what the restrictions are in order to get answers. If it is for purposes of work only, driving to...